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Our Mission

Enhancing the quality of life in the great state of Texas for professionals and their families while enriching our communities and providing progressive businesses opportunities to thrive.

Our Story

Cindy Strand Yared launched Mom Corps Dallas in January 2011 which grew into Corps Team Dallas in 2015.  After working for more than 20 years in client service and business development as a broadcast sales and marketing executive, Cindy wanted to apply her passion for improving businesses beyond just marketing. After discovering Corps Team with Mom Corps, Cindy was attracted to the concept of helping clients grow their businesses by providing exceptional, qualified professionals who do their job and do it well. Cindy has built a team of outstanding talent acquisition professionals in Dallas where their partners appreciate their honesty, transparency and the energy they put into finding the best fit candidates. 

Our Services

Mom Corps was originally founded to serve professional women who wanted access to flexibility in their careers.  We grew with our client partners into a firm that assists with not only non-traditional hiring strategies but with hiring both women and men who are a fit in the experience and qualifications needed as well as a culture fit. The need for alternative employment solutions is now universal.  Companies that accommodate a variety of employment solutions including full-time flexible, part-time permanent, short and long-term contracts are positioned to attract the market's best talent.

We typically source mid-to senior level management in areas such as accounting, marketing, finance, sales, operations, legal and HR.  The majority of our candidates are professionals with advanced degrees and 8+ years of experience.

As a strategic business partner with our clients, we provide resource solutions that enable companies to build more productive and cost-effective teams.  Corps Team Texas provides companies access to top-level talent, and provides innovative work options to professionals.

We believe happy employees lead to happy customers which lead to happy profits!

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