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Human Resources Temp to Perm Opportunity

"Where have all these great candidates been hiding?!"

Client Background

Mercy Health Partners is a health care system with over 33,000 employees in locations throughout Ohio and Kentucky. As the System Director – Retirement Strategy, Dianna Smith oversees management of the non-profit's defined benefit and contribution plans.

Her department typically engages temporary professionals for two key reasons:

  • Staffing firms allow them to overcome headcount constraints, accessing the talented people they need without hiring.
  • Mercy's HR department, while experts in recruiting all types of medical personnel, struggles to find candidates with the specialized experience Dianna's team needs.

The Challenge

When Dianna joined Mercy Health about three years ago, she quickly realized that one of their temporary employees wasn't well-suited to his assignment. Despite having an accounting background, this individual lacked the retirement benefits experience critical to the role.

Dianna knew a woman who worked for Mom Corps, and she remembered that they specialized in professional staffing. She decided to give them a call to see if they could recruit a more suitable temporary.

The Solution

Brigid Lipps at Mom Corps went to work immediately. From the outset, Dianna could tell that Brigid understood not just talent acquisition, but how Dianna's department and organization operated, as well.

Dianna was impressed at how thorough and quick Brigid and the Mom Corps team were:

  • Brigid worked with Dianna to tighten up the job summary, making sure she understood exactly the type of HR and retirement benefits experience Dianna needed.
  • Instead of just sending over resumes, Brigid developed candidate synopses which included the reasons each individual was a good fit.
  • Seven qualified candidates were presented within a week of the initial call. Dianna selected two, conducted interviews and had a contractor on board within five weeks.

The Result

Dianna was thrilled with our contractor from the moment she started. In addition to being a great cultural fit, our employee also possessed the HR experience essential to success within her department.

Our employee fit so well within Mercy's retirement department that Dianna offered her a direct position as soon as one became available.

Since then, Mom Corps has become a trusted professional staffing partner to Mercy Health – saving them precious time, while increasing candidate quality. Mercy continues to use Mom Corps' recruiting services to fill other positions in their retirement strategy group and on their compensation team.


"It's hard for our internal team to find HR people with retirement backgrounds and a really strong work ethic. From the moment I spoke with Brigid, though, I could tell that she understood my needs and the types of people I was looking for.

"Mom Corps does an exceptional job of making sure there's a strong match between the professional and the position. The first time I reviewed their temporaries' overviews I thought to myself, 'Where have all these great candidates been hiding?!'

 "Any time I call with a job order, Brigid sends qualified candidates within two to four days. Many times, I have two or three great people to choose from! I'm so thankful to work with a partner who understands my needs, consistently delivers exceptional professionals and helps me build a stronger department."

--Dianna Smith, Mercy Health Partners


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