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We needed a part-time, experienced senior accountant with government contract expertise. Fast.

"Mom Corps accomplished in one week what I had tried for months to do on my own."

Client Background

Blade Diagnostics is a small but mighty company that develops highly specialized diagnostic technologies. Over the course of several years, BDC won a number of government contracts enabling them to commercialize their diagnostic machinery and software for use in industrial environments.

Most recently, they were awarded a Rapid Innovation Funding (RIF) government contract, allowing U.S. Air Force repair facilities to use their technology to assess the "health" of the integrally bladed rotors used in their jets' engines.

The Challenge

Accounting for government contracts is demanding, complex and leaves no room for error. For BDC to win and extend contracts, they needed a specialized accounting expert who was familiar with the forms and language, and could demonstrate that the company had a qualified government accounting process.

BDC President and CEO Linda Griffin had tried a number of methods over the years to meet their accounting needs on her own:

  • She hired a local, part-time accountant, but the role soon exceeded the individual's capabilities.
  • She tried major job boards, but was disappointed with the results.
  • She eventually found a part-time consultant in Colorado with the experience she required, but she frequently had to compete with other employers for his available hours.

BDC was small, but growing. Continuing on their path of success meant they needed to work within the government's immovable timelines and strict parameters. For Linda, the writing was on the wall:

They needed a part-time, experienced senior accountant with government contract expertise. Fast.

Linda had always had a hunch that part-time moms and dads might be a good source of talent for her needs, but she was never able to connect with the right people at the right time. When she learned about Mom Corps online, she knew it was serendipity.

The Solution

Mom Corps worked closely with Linda to develop a clear understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of the position. Since BDC worked primarily on government contracts, we recommended engaging a consultant to:

  • Control overhead, while accessing the expertise they required.
  • Simplify administration, while ensuring compliance.
  • Allow BDC to assess the accountant's suitability on-the-job, while they determined whether or not their hiring need was permanent.

 Mom Corps tapped our national talent network and:

  • Responded within 24 hours with 4 resumes of qualified candidates.
  • Conducted initial screening and interviews for the 2 potentials Linda selected.
  • Delivered the ideal candidate by week's end:
    • an experienced senior accountant;
    • with government contract experience;
    • who wanted part-time contract work;
    • and was willing to flex her hours to meet critical deadlines.

 The Result

Linda was thrilled with our consultant from the moment she started. Not only did our consultant fulfill the requirements of the position; she went above and beyond to help Linda address strategic accounting issues and plan for the organization's continued profitable growth.

After engaging our contractor for a year, BDC extended an offer for part-time, direct employment. Our employee found a fulfilling, flexible role that continues to meet her needs, and BDC is staffed to handle their highly specific, and continually changing, accounting demands.


"Mom Corps accomplished in one week what I had tried for months to do on my own. From the moment I spoke with them, I was certain that they knew exactly what I was talking about – specifically, the critical differences between corporate and government accounting.

"One of my favorite things? Mom Corps listed an actual number for me to call, so that I could speak with a real person. I conduct a lot of business online, but I appreciated speaking directly with experts who understood my organization – and were true professionals.

"Thank you, Mom Corps, for providing my small business with a phenomenal service experience, and an accounting expert who exceeded my expectations. You made my search simple, quick and successful."

--Linda Griffin, President & CEO, Blade Diagnostics Corporation

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