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"I felt like Gretchen was my cheerleader."
Client Background 
The Mint Museum of Charlotte is a leading, innovative museum of international art and design committed to engaging and inspiring all members of our global community. As the organization's Chief Operations Officer, Toni Freeman is responsible for managing seven core operational units, as well as special projects, HR, IT, strategic planning and more. 

The Challenge 
When Mint Museum's HR manager resigned with only 30 days’ notice, Toni immediately knew that wouldn't give her sufficient time to recruit, hire and onboard a suitable replacement for such an important position. The individual in this role would have to: 
  • interface with people at all levels within the organization;
  • have sufficient experience to excel, while still finding challenge in a mid-level position.

To ensure she'd have the time to conduct a thorough search, Toni decided to find an interim HR manager. In her view, she had two distinct positions to fill (one short-term, one long-term). So, unlike a typical temporary-to-hire situation, if the interim HR manager wanted the direct position, he/she would have to go through exactly the same rigorous process as other direct-hire candidates. 
Toni reached out to several placement firms, including Corps Team, to source candidates for the interim position and to supplement her search for the direct position. 

The Solution 
Gretchen at Corps Team immediately began the search for Toni's interim HR manager: 

  • Gretchen gathered information about the essential qualifications for the position, as well as the "intangibles" the ideal candidate would need to succeed in the position and mesh well with the corporate culture.
  • Corps Team managed critical recruiting, screening and vetting activities, freeing the COO to focus on her direct search. Within 24 hours of their initial meeting, Gretchen had several candidates in Toni's office – one of whom she ultimately engaged for the interim role.
  • Throughout the recruiting process, Gretchen asked insightful questions and incorporated Toni's candidate feedback. Doing so improved the accuracy with which sourced candidates met Mint Museum's needs.
  • Toni also appreciated the fact that Gretchen saved her valuable time by sharing candidates' salary requirements up front.
  • Although the first interim HR manager couldn't stay on when Toni had to extend the assignment, Gretchen quickly sourced a replacement who wound up applying for the direct position with the museum.
  • After undergoing a rigorous recruiting and screening process, Corps Team's candidate was ultimately hired as Mint Museum's new HR manager.
The Result 
Toni's new hire has worked out beautifully. She's not only proven to be a great match in terms of experience and personality; she also has a deep commitment to the museum's mission.  
Since being hired in October 2016, the Mint Museum's HR manager: is thriving on the job; has been well-received by staff; and has contributed great HR process-improvement ideas which she's already begun implementing. 

"Gretchen was always positive. It was nice working with her, because she spent the time on the front-end to understand the candidate we needed. Gretchen was also really good about circling back and using my feedback to improve the quality of match for the next candidate she presented. I felt like she was my cheerleader.” 
"Working with Corps Team was a great experience that resulted in my reviewing strong applicants for the interim position – and ultimately hiring an amazing new employee." 

--Toni L. Freeman, Chief Operating Officer 

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