Since 2005, Corps Team (Mom Corps and Corps Search) has placed thousands of candidates in professional career opportunities. We have added a select few examples to shed light on the great work we do!

I use them for all my hiring needs and ignore most everyone else.

As the Operations Manager for a capital markets and investment banking services firm, our client manages a seasoned team of financial professionals – many with 15 to 30 years' experience. His department handles trade exceptions (i.e., resolving trades that aren't settled on their transaction day) and publishes sales information to ensure transparency. 

The Challenge 
Just a few weeks after stepping into his role, the Operations Manager faced an immediate hiring need. One of his senior Investment Banking Analysts was retiring, leaving some very big shoes to fill.  While our client was disappointed to lose a veteran employee, he also saw the opportunity hiring a replacement presented. Obviously, he wanted to bring in a new employee who was capable and experienced. But beyond that, the Operations Manager sought a candidate who was also motivated to: 

  • find ways to improve efficiency;
  • consider new approaches to the challenges inherent in their work;
  • go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the position.

After posting the position internally for a few weeks, our client decided it would be more prudent to use a contract-to-hire option. Doing so would allow him to "test drive" a candidate – gauging job performance and culture fit, before committing to a direct hire. The Operations Manager reached out to several recruiting firms.  He was overwhelmed with the response he received, but disappointed in their recruiters' apparent lack of understanding.   In his words, "They just didn't get it.   They weren't putting people in front of me who had the right combination of technical and soft skills." 

Corps Team was a notable exception. 

The Solution 
Having worked with the financial services firm before, Gretchen Rost was already familiar with their business and culture. She was quickly able to hone in on the Operation Manager's needs and launch a targeted search: 
  • Our client was particularly impressed with the way Gretchen's shrewd questioning helped him articulate his requirements. Together, they concluded that attitude (i.e., someone who was motivated and hungry to add value to processes) was as important, if not more so, than technical knowledge.
  • Gretchen offloaded critical recruiting, screening and vetting activities, freeing our client to stay focused on his other key priorities.
  • Within a week, Corps Team presented several candidates for consideration. The Operations Manager interviewed two over the phone, whom he then invited in for one-on-one interviews.
  • Ultimately, our client engaged a Corps Team candidate for his contract-to-hire position.
The Result 
The Operations Manager was extremely pleased with the candidate we referred:
  • Our candidate performed his initial job responsibilities exceptionally well – so much so that he was quickly moved into a more comprehensive role.
  • In addition to being technically proficient, this professional has actively sought opportunities to increase his value. For example, he proposed better ways to use Excel spreadsheet data to glean information which could be used to solve problems.
  • Our client plans to transfer this individual to a direct, full-time role.
"As a newly promoted manager who needed to replace a seasoned team member, I experienced a rude awakening during my first experience using recruiting firms. In addition to being bombarded with phone calls and emails from seemingly every recruiter in the greater Mecklenburg County area, I was also frustrated with the quality of their candidates – not to mention the recruiters' lack of experience and professionalism. 
Thankfully, I met Gretchen Rost and her team. They were mature and professional, had industry knowledge, and took the time to understand my needs. I now use them for all my hiring needs and ignore most everyone else." 

--Kyle Jones, Operations Manager, Financial Services Firm 


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