Since 2005, Corps Team (Mom Corps and Corps Search) has placed thousands of candidates in professional career opportunities. We have added a select few examples to shed light on the great work we do!

Kudos to Trista for delivering such a great culture match!

As the Director of Strategy for a large distribution company, Anitha helps her organization grow and become more competitive in its industry.

The Challenge 
While centralizing a critical corporate function during a time of extensive supplier activity and a major systems integration, Anitha was recruiting for two very distinct roles:

  • a temporary assignment for an individual to perform data entry and reconciliation for the integration project;
  • a direct position for an analyst with a very specific technical skill set.
To supplement her own search efforts, Anitha worked with two recruiting firms, but they were unable to find the right combination of business and technical know-how in the proposed candidates. A co-worker recommended contacting Corps Team, so Anitha reached out to Trista for assistance.

The Solution 
After gaining an understanding of both the strategic and technical aspects of Anitha's needs, Trista immediately referred a candidate, John, for consideration. Trista candidly explained that while John lacked specific technical requirements for the analyst role, she saw excellent alignment between his experience/values/soft skills and Anitha's broader requirements.

Based on his resume alone, Anitha might easily have discounted John. She trusted Trista's assessment, however, and brought him in for an interview. Upon speaking with him, Anitha was immediately impressed with John's professionalism, knowledge and thoughtfulness. She engaged John for the temporary role and soon realized that he had much to offer in terms of commitment and integrity.

The Result 
John was an instant cultural fit and did a great job while on assignment. He quickly familiarized himself with the distributor's systems and business practices, and he demonstrated an innate desire to do right by the company.

Toward the end of John's assignment, another analyst position within Anitha's organization unexpectedly became available. This job didn't have the technical requirements of the previous analyst position, but it did require experience that John gained while on assignment.

After working with John for a month, it was clear to Anitha that John would be perfect for the opportunity. In fact, the skills he acquired on the job and his exceptional cultural match made him such a good fit that Anitha didn't even interview anyone else for the role. She offered John the job and he immediately accepted.

John is thriving in his new role. Since being hired, the company has grown, so the scope and complexity of his job has increased. However, he has been steadfast and unfazed in the face of those changes – essential traits in an industry that is marked by constant change. The entire team is glad to have him on board and hopes that he will enjoy a long career with the company.

"Kudos to Trista for delivering such a great culture match! She did an amazing job combining her candidate knowledge with an understanding of hiring needs to pinpoint where I needed help immediately and also where I might likely need help in the future.

"Although I engaged John in a temporary capacity, he developed the skills while on assignment to become the perfect candidate for a direct position with our organization.

"Thank you, Corps Team, for being a 'cut above' in terms of candidate quality and understanding my requirements – even the unspoken ones. I couldn't be happier with the outcome."

--Anitha C., Director of Strategy


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