Outcomes Based Search

Our Unique Approach

Our approach is what has differentiated us to our clients as we provide them with better matches, better engagement and better retention rates. 

Intake Interview
1. Intake Interview: Our secret sauce.
Our Corps Team Client  Partner will perform an in-depth Outcomes Based Intake Interview prior to agreeing to take on any search.  

Why? This unique approach turns the traditional process around, working from the business objective to determine the most effective way to meet a client’s goals through the Corps Team workforce solutions (this may include direct hire, project, contract or part-time).  

Position Brief
2. Position Brief:  Our handshake.  
The Client  Partner will write up a position brief and submit it to their client. 

Why? This critical step makes sure that we did not miss any business objectives and we are focused on the right goals to recruit the best professional for our client.


Custom Talent Acquisition Plan
3. Custom Talent Acquisition Plan:  Preparation.
Our Talent Acquisition Specialist will create a custom plan to source, recruit and screen professionals meeting the criteria mutually agreed upon in our position brief.  We integrate our active and passive community with our sourcing expertise for a more thorough search.  

Why? A complete slate of qualified candidates that only Corps Team can provide. Our private talent network of over 200,000 professionals + their networks + targeted recruiting = better hires.

Go To Market4. Go to Market:  Execution.
This is the first step for many of our competitors.  They get a job description and begin posting anywhere and everywhere.  Our targeted approach is very different.  We utilize our learnings from our Intake Interview and Position Brief to create our Custom Talent Acquisition plan and then execute against this plan.  We market the position according to the plan, source, screen, and recruit the top talent for the open position. 

The results? Speak for themselves.

Selection Brief
5. Selection Brief: Bringing it home.
Our Talent Acquisition Specialist  will present slate of candidates for review.  Each candidate presented has been screened by our experienced recruiters and evaluated on their resume skills, soft skills and personal needs and goals.  

The results?
Our clients will be presented with a Selection Brief that will provide a summary with our assessment of each professional in addition to a copy of their resume (CV). 

Selection & Placement
6. Selection and Placement:  Success.
The selection brief is not the end!  We will coordinate interviews, debrief with both client and candidate, ensure we are achieving our original intake goals, manage the offer process, support both the candidate and client through any roadblocks including counteroffers, and help to onboard the candidate.  We’ll follow up at 30, 60 and 90 days. 

To ensure success.

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