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Mom Corps YOU Featured Job Seeker - Jess V

Name? Jess V.

Where are you from? Whitefish Bay, WI, a northern suburb of Milwaukee.

Why did you join Mom Corps YOU? I joined Mom Corps YOU after I found out about it through Working Mother Media. I love the concept of a private online community to look for flexible work.

Why are you currently looking for a job? I am a senior accountant at a property management/real estate company in downtown Milwaukee. I'm always open to hearing about opportunities.

What are your flexibility needs? I work 8-5 and also work from home outside of those hours. I need the kind of flexibility that supports having a family. Sometimes I want to pick up my 4 year old early from K4 and log in later to finish up that project.

What's your work/education background? I have an MBA from Ottawa University with an emphasis on leadership and management. My Bachelor's is in Accounting. I've been working in small or large businesses for 15 years and have a very diverse background.

What would be your dream job? My dream job would be to own my own business. I understand how businesses work and I'd love to be able to use my skills to help others grow their organization.

What should a potential employer know about you? A potential employer should know that I'd rather spend a few extra minutes now in order to make a process better for everyone in the long run - I'm a solver!   

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