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Mom Corps YOU Featured Job Seeker - Melissa J

Name: Melissa J

Where are you from: Pittsburgh, PA.

Why did you join Mom Corps YOU: I was looking for legitimate opportunities and came across Moms Corps and I could relate to the goals and story behind the company.

Why are you currently looking for a job: I had to leave my full time career due to a long-term illness my middle school aged daughter has that causes her to miss school frequently.  As a result, I am seeking a position that will allow me to work from home while giving me the opportunity to still contribute to a company’s success while supporting my family.

What are your flexibility needs:  I am seeking a more traditional work schedule that fits into the Monday-Friday, 8-5 time frame. I am interested in working anywhere between 20 and 35 hours per week.

What's your work/education background:  My background has mostly been in Staffing/Recruiting and Marketing.  My education is in Marketing Management.  

What would be your dream job: My dream job would be somewhere that I could use my creativity, tenacity, research skills, project management and client management skills to be successful and would let me end my day with a sense of accomplishment, which is very important to me. Personally, have a strong interest in Mental Health Advocacy as well as History from the mid 1800's to early 1900's. 

What should a potential employer know about you:  That I am looking for a long-term opportunity and that I am always working towards developing best practices. I am great at sourcing and coming up with creative ways of doing things.  

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