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Mom Corps YOU Featured Job Seeker - Aneka B.

Name?  Aneka B.

Where are you from? New York, NY.

Why did you join Mom Corps YOU? I joined Mom Corps YOU because of the informative nature of the site, job hunting tips, direct access to recruiters and I just love the entire concept!

Why are you currently looking for a job?  I transitioned out of Corporate America a few years ago to address a personal family crisis which has since been resolved.  Now it’s a great time for me to consider returning to the workplace.

What are your flexibility needs?  My ideal position with regard to flexibility would offer a 3-4 day work week, some telecommuting, if possible, and less than a 45 minute commute.

What's your work/education background? My background is HR, Compliance & Administration including facilities management, front desk operations, mailroom operations, tenant relations and some security administration.  I possess a Master’s Degree in HR Management, a professional certification in Human Resources (PHR) and am a Certified Mediator.

What would be your dream job? My dream job is one where I would work in a challenging position which would allow for:

  • professional growth;
  • a mentor;
  • some flexibility;
  • professional development opportunities;
  • and a nice mix between HR & Administration.

What should a potential employer know about you?  My future employer should know that I “get the job done”, on time, under budget and am known in my professional circle as the “Olivia Pope [from ABC's Scandal]” of problem-solving and “handling” complicated issues with ease. 

Additionally, I have focused my time away from Corporate America on renewing my HR certification, becoming a certified mediator, attending legal/compliance, professional development and networking conferences in addition to committing many volunteer hours with three non-profit organizations in my area; two international non-profit organizations and one local.

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