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Mom Corps YOU Featured Job Seeker - Karen D.

Name? Karen D.

Where are you from? Needham, Massachusetts (10 miles west of Boston)

Why did you join Mom Corps YOU?
Because of its focus on helping women find rewarding employment with the right work/family balance.

Why are you currently looking for a job?
After 14 years working from home as a one-person writing consultant, I've come to realize I’m at my best when collaborating and interacting with others, and leading teams towards a shared objective. I’m also looking for more consistency.

What are your flexibility needs?
I prefer part-time or consistent contract work. For the right job, I’d consider full-time if the position offered flexible hours and/or telecommuting. I’d also consider a job share.

What's your work/education background?
Professionally, I've worked in agency account management, in-house product and marketing communications management, as well as agency and in-house copywritingI've been a freelance writing consultant for over a decade with almost 100% of my client base generated by repeat business and referrals. As a volunteer, I've led organizations and committees in the schools and for a local education nonprofit. I have a BA in Economics from Villanova University.

What would be your dream job?
Because I’m so versatile, there’s no one, dream job out there for me. It’s about making a meaningful difference by doing what I like and what I’m good at for a company that offers the right amount of flexibility. A job that enables me to use my creative, collaborative and managerial skills in combination would be ideal.

What should a potential employer know about you?
I’m adaptable, organized, creative and energetic. My written, oral and interpersonal skills are excellent, and I carry myself in a professional yet personable way. Although I’m very determined, I also have a sense of humor, which puts co-workers and clients at ease.

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