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Detox Your Job Search

With summer behind us and the holidays soon to arrive, job seekers are kicking into high gear.  During the past few months, you may have been very active, out of the game, or somewhere in between.  Regardless, your search could probably use some fine-tuning.

Welcome to your job search cleanse.  So many of us have goals when it comes to fitness, weight and diet.  We work hard to stay true to what we know is good for us, but it is hard to stay disciplined.  Cleanses give our bodies (and minds) a chance to re-set.  For 1-2 weeks, someone tells us what to do. (Welcome relief!)  And, we see results quickly. 

A cleanse eliminates or compensates for bad habits and teaches or reminds us of good ones.  The same ideas apply to a job search detox.  Finding a new job takes time.  Your good habits can give way to fatigue as time drags on.  Bad habits start to creep in and sabotage your success, such as:

  • Getting down on yourself
  • Failure to follow-up on leads, meetings, or action items
  • Forgetting your purpose and passion
  • Thinking a lot, even agonizing, but not doing much
  • Constantly surfing job posting sites

Purpose is good, but purpose with passion is better. 

By answering a few questions, you should get the juices flowing as to why you started your search.  You may notice they have changed since you first started.

  1. I need a job because: _____________________________________
  2. I want a job because: _____________________________________
  3. My ideal job is: __________________________________________
  4. Why I would I hire me: ____________________________________

APPRECIATE WHERE YOU ARE. You have gotten this far.

  • List everything you have done so far in your job search, including people you met or resumes you submitted.  By writing it down, your progress becomes tangible!  
  • Banish any negative thoughts about your job search history.  Today represents a fresh start!

REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. There is no other candidate just like you.

  • Every morning this week, reflect on what makes you a great job search candidate, e.g., your accomplishments, your passions, your skill set. 
  • (Re)Assess your strengths and weaknesses with the help of a trusted colleague or former boss.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. A stronger you is a better you!

  • Take your fitness routine up a notch…a longer run, add a day at the gym or try something new.
  • Schedule time on your calendar to focus on your job search daily or weekly.  By compartmentalizing your time, the job search will not overtake every hour and every thought.

GET ORGANIZED. Alleviate stress, stay on track, save time and don’t miss an opportunity!

  • Review your job search notes. 
  • Identify open action items, e.g., write a thank you note, send a resume, connect with a referral.
  • If you do not have an easy to use system for managing your search, make one or find one. 

GET RE-CONNECTED. People are still the key to finding a job. 

  • Reach out to a former job colleague, a fellow alum and someone new this week. 
  • Offer to help someone with her search by making an introduction!
  • Make a list of people you have not contacted about your search yet.  (Think across all parts of your life.)   

After this week, you should feel re-energized and re-focused in your search efforts, taken some important and impactful actions, and have structure on moving forward.  

Happy hunting!


Sonal Rinello, a former Marketing Executive, is the creator of jobgenda, a daily-use job search organizer that provides tips, checklists and templates to manage all parts of your job search in one place.

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