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  • 3 Tips for Managing On-site and Off-site Employees


    Managing on-site and off-site employees? Use Corps Team's tips to keep your dispersed workforce functioning as a cohesive unit.

  • Does Your Company Culture Attract Top Talent?


    Creating a culture that promotes work flexibility is a great way to attract (and retain) great people.

  • 3 Ways Your Online Branding can Attract Top Candidates


    Corps Team, a national executive staffing firm, explains how to build an online brand that attracts top candidates.

  • 2 New Ways of Thinking About Flexible Work


    If you've struggled with adapting to flexible work cultures in the past, check out these two ways you can re-envision the nonstandard workplace and excel at work, wherever that may be.

  • How Telecommuting Benefits the Environment


    Letting your employees work from home is a great way to help the environment this Earth Day.

  • The Biggest Fear of Remote Employees


    Corps Team, a leader in flexible professional staffing and search, explains the number one fear of remote employees – and what to do about it.

  • Is Your Company Suffering from Attrition?


    Is your company suffering from high turnover rates? Corps Team explains the "hidden costs" of attrition – and how greater employee flexibility can help.

  • Recognizing Family Caregivers in Your Workforce


    It's the group of individuals who don't speak about their private lives that may sometimes be the most in need of flexible work.

  • Strategies for Effectively Managing Remote Teams


    Managing a remote team? Corps Team, a leading flexible professional staffing and search firm, shares tips for managing remote employees.

  • Understand What "Flexibility" Means to Current and Potential Employees


    What does flexibility mean to your employees and candidates? Corps Team, a leading professional staffing and search firm, explains.

  • How Can Flexible Employee Schedules Benefit Your Company?


    Try loosening up a bit; More flexible employee schedules offer a host of benefits for both employer and employee.

  • Is Your Company Environment Conducive to Employee Flexibility?


    Corps Team, a national executive staffing firm, explains why and how to create a culture that affords employees greater flexibility.

  • Telecommute Options Benefit Employers Too


    When employers start finding ways to add more flexibility into their workplace, they'll not only discover that their workers are happier and more productive, they'll find that they can choose from a wider talent pool.

  • Want to retain valued employees? Embrace flexibility


    When people feel trusted to get their jobs done without being obligated to show a certain amount of "face time" in the office, they feel more invested in their companies.

  • Planning is Key to Flexible Work Success


    A little planning in advance of establishing a flexible work program allows managers to monitor performance, track progress and ensure a cohesive work environment no matter the work arrangement.

  • The Gender Gap in Law Firms – A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action

    OnRamp Fellowship

    The lack of women lawyers in the upper ranks at law firms has been a problem for decades and it’s only getting worse. Although there is typically a 50/50 gender split at the entry-level, only 16% of partners are women. And, to further exacerbate the pipeline issue, this year marks the fourth consecutive annual decline in the number of mid/senior level female associates in large law firms.

  • National #FlexDay: Common Themes of Flexibility

    National Flex Day Badge

    Mom Corps was proud to be part of the first annual National Flex Day on October 15. As part of the celebration, our CEO and founder, Allison O'Kelly, participated in Working Mother's Facebook Q and A on flexible work, and we heard a few common themes when it comes to flexibility:

  • For the Days When You Can’t Change the Weather


    Snowstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or a flu epidemic—what do all these things have in common? The potential to stall your business for days or even weeks. We’ve discussed at length the reasons why a remote work policy is a viable business strategy. Here’s a great article by Ron Thomas at with a refresher as it relates to the recent snowstorm in the Northeast. But what about the roadblocks that are preventing otherwise smart organizations from embracing work alternatives? I covered these points in a blog for Huffington Post, but here I want to focus on the idea of control and the role it plays in preventing us from embracing remote work options.

  • Diversity in Hiring


    A diversity talent strategy is important for innovation and critical for becoming successful on a global scale. According to this Forbes Insight piece, executives are more frequently recognizing that “a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds is crucial to innovation and the development of new ideas.” When asked about the relationship between diversity and innovation, many agreed that diversity is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that foster innovation.

  • It’s the Most Wonderful (and Stressful) Time of Year


    It’s here again … the most wonderful time of year that usually comes with a healthy dose of stress. A time when we get even busier than we even thought possible. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good holiday party and festive yuletide gathering, and nothing beats the joy of an entire season dedicated to reconnecting with family and friends. But the time in between these events is enough to make even the most organized individual a little worse for the wear.

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