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  • The Career Clock


    Follow the story of Julie Kaeli, writer and mother of two, on her quest to re-enter the workforce.

  • Supporting Military Spouses with Hire Heroes USA

    Hire Heroes

    We are honored to announce Mom Corps has partnered with Hire Heroes USA to sponsor five military spouses through our Mom Corps YOU Military Spouse Scholarship Program.

  • The Dreaded Compensation Conversation


    The compensation conversation with a potential employer is the part of job search dreaded by almost everyone. If you have been out of the workforce for any period of time, this conversation can seem daunting and nerve-wracking. It is hard to know exactly what to say, and often we read conflicting advice about how to best handle this part of the interview process.

  • Mom Corps: The Story Behind the Business


    When setting out to solve her own work/life dilemma, Allison O’Kelly never realized she would be solving the work/life dilemma of thousands of other working moms with her company. Recently named to the INC 500 fastest growing companies in America list, Mom Corps has set out to change the way America does business. Hear Allison’s story – her setbacks, challenges and victories as an entrepreneur.

  • 4 Ways to Manage Employment Gaps


    Opting back into the workforce often brings about a mixture of emotions - excitement in rejoining the professional world, but concern regarding questions about your employment gap. Here are a few ways to address the gap head on.

  • Using Soft Skills in a Hard Job Market


    If you are conducting a job search, you must understand the importance of promoting your soft skills as much if not more than hard skills. Here is the deal… Soft skills are those things that employers cannot teach at all or easily, like teamwork, strong work ethic or good communication skills. And they are critical to success at any job regardless of the role, industry or location.

  • 5 Reasons Working Moms Should Support "1 Million for Work Flexibility"


    Working mothers are acutely aware of the need for more flexible work options. Some employers only pay lip-service to the idea of flexible work options, while others have invested wholeheartedly in flexibility. Because of this variability, a new initiative has launched to bring together supporters of work flexibility.

  • The Gender Gap in Law Firms – A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action

    OnRamp Fellowship

    The lack of women lawyers in the upper ranks at law firms has been a problem for decades and it’s only getting worse. Although there is typically a 50/50 gender split at the entry-level, only 16% of partners are women. And, to further exacerbate the pipeline issue, this year marks the fourth consecutive annual decline in the number of mid/senior level female associates in large law firms.

  • It's time to take care of YOU!


    For years, we've heard from our candidates that they are looking for the solution to this work/life mess but just don't know how to make it work. We decided that we needed to not just find the jobs for our "moms" but we needed to give them what they need to make this whole work thing work!

  • How'd He Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Scott Richey

    Scott Ritchey
    • 1 Comment

    Mom Corps candidate, Scott Richey found flexibility as a Director, National Accounts with a rapidly growing company. He loves the challenges and dynamics of a fast expanding organization.

  • #CareerReentry Tips


    Thanks to everyone who participated in our November 6 Twitter chat on reentering the workforce. Career coach Hallie Crawford and Mom Corps CEO Allison O’Kelly shared tips for career planning, resume writing, networking and more. In case you missed it, here are their top 10 tips.

  • How'd She Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Brooke Simmons

    Brooke Simmons

    I am a better employee and a better parent for having the opportunity to work with Mom Corps and their clients, who believe in offering flexible work schedules and trusting experienced candidates for the chance to prove themselves.

  • How'd She Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Sarah Kocmond

    Sarah Kocmond

    I wanted to avoid having to explain myself to those that wouldn’t understand my career choices (or lack thereof). I wanted to find a company that embraced a SAHM with open arms. Mom Corps attracts the type of company offering those types of positions.

  • How'd She Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Kate Matheny

    Kate Matheny

    Working with Mom Corps has been life changing and incredibly rewarding professionally; having a high level job with flexibility is a dream that Mom Corps made come true.

  • How'd She Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Monica Sullivan

    Monica Sullivan

    Mom Corps has provided opportunities I never would have discovered on my own, and Nadia McKay (Mom Corps Boston) worked hard to find a career opportunity that would offer a perfect balance for my needs as both a working professional and a Mom.

  • How'd She Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Sarah McGill

    Sarah McGIll

    I was struggling with career choices. Having twin infants, I wasn’t sure if I should work full-time, part-time or grow my own business. Mom Corps listened to my short-term goals, long-term goals and truly took the time to understand the big picture of my life. Mom Corps came across as understanding the challenges I face as a working mother. I did not feel other agencies were truly listening to me.

  • How'd She Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Robin Grace

    Robin Grace

    My new position that I got through Mom Corps has enabled me to be flexible with my schedule and to be there for my children when they have events at school or need to go to the doctor in the middle of the day. My new position gives me the autonomy to make my own schedule and to feel a sense of accomplishment in both my work life and family life.

  • How'd She Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Rita Abraham

    Rita Abraham

    No other staffing agency better understands the world of working moms than Mom Corps

  • How'd She Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Sarah Dixon

    Sarah Dixon

    From start to finish Mom Corps communicated with me and kept me in the loop on each step. They set up my interview and gave me great/constructive feedback. They knew what I was looking for and were really my advocates.

  • How'd She Do It? Mom Corps Success Story - Heather Cooper Grandy

    Heather Cooper Grandy

    Mom Corps candidate, Heather Cooper Grandy considers herself very fortunate to have been contacted by Mom Corps at a time when she really needed to make a career change and wasn't seeing many positions that would help her re-calibrate her work-life balance and be a better fit for her new role as a working mom.

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