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  • WORKING MOTHER - Flexible staffing a strategy, not just a perk: Guest post from Mom Corps CEO Allison O'Kelly


    Mom Corps CEO, Allison O'Kelly shares her expertise on how businesses can create successful workplace flexibility programs.

  • How A Returnship Got This Mom Back in the Workforce - GMA


    Deborah Chin had the same thought many moms do when she had her first child, a daughter, three years ago and took time off. "I think the way I put it was simply, 'I’m going to take a year off and then be back,'" Chin, of Oakland, California, told "Good Morning America." "I wasn’t thinking at all about how difficult it may be to get back into the workforce."

  • The Ladders - Should you fess up to your boss or HR if you lied on your resume?


    Should you fess up to your boss or HR if you lied on your resume? The two biggest things people lie about? Job experience (76%) and duties (55%) are both frequently embellished.

  • AMERICAN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION - Mom Corps: A Further Move to Flexible Work Hours


    Allison O’Kelly is founder and CEO of Mom Corps, an organization that she describes as one “that enables companies to work smarter and professionals to align work and life.” In a recent interview, O’Kelly described her company and how it satisfies the needs of today’s businesses. “

  • The Guardian - Returnships: Can the Hiring Programme Help Mothers Return to Work


    Returner schemes aim to help experienced women who have taken a career break get a role at the same level. How much of an impact are they making?

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