• How A Returnship Got This Mom Back in the Workforce - GMA


    Deborah Chin had the same thought many moms do when she had her first child, a daughter, three years ago and took time off. "I think the way I put it was simply, 'I’m going to take a year off and then be back,'" Chin, of Oakland, California, told "Good Morning America." "I wasn’t thinking at all about how difficult it may be to get back into the workforce."

  • The Ladders - Should you fess up to your boss or HR if you lied on your resume?


    Should you fess up to your boss or HR if you lied on your resume? The two biggest things people lie about? Job experience (76%) and duties (55%) are both frequently embellished.

  • The Guardian - Returnships: Can the Hiring Programme Help Mothes Return to Work


    Returner schemes aim to help experienced women who have taken a career break get a role at the same level. How much of an impact are they making?

  • Keeping Career On Track When Life Takes A Detour: 3 Lessons From An Accidental Entrepreneur


    Allison O’Kelly, Founder and CEO of Corps Team, didn’t start out with a plan to start up a business. Most of us don’t.

  • Charlotte Business Journal: Corps Team Named Best Place to Work


    Corps Team named one of Charlotte's best places to work by the Charlotte Business Journal.

  • Philadelphia Business Journal: Largest Women-Owned Businesses


    Philadelphia Business Journal published it's 2017 list of largest women-owned businesses in the Philadelphia area.

  • Press Release: Arbill Selects Corps Team as Their New Talent Acquisition Partner


    A partnership bringing together two Philadelphia-based, woman-owned businesses.

  • Press Release: Corps Team Recognized for Innovative and Effective Workplace Practices

    when work works award

    Corps Team Recognized for Innovative and Effective Workplace Practices Receives prestigious When Work Works Award

  • Staffing Speaks Out: Global Recruiting Leaders Share Their Best Candidate Engagement Advice

    Allison O'Kelly Bullhorn quote

    What can staffing firms do to deliver a better candidate experience? How does the talent shortage impact the approach firms should take to finding and engaging candidates? What works and what doesn’t?

  • Take the Interview: When Hiring Working Mothers, Flexibility Is Key


    As the population of working mothers rises, the numbers suggest companies are moving at a slower pace when it comes to providing benefits for growing families. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while 88 percent of workers had access to unpaid family leave in 2015, only 13 percent of workers reported access to paid family leave, with six percent reporting access to flexible workplace benefits.

  • Press Release: Corps Team Acquires Charlotte, NC and NYC Franchises

    corps team banner

    Corps Team Acquires Charlotte, NC and NYC Franchises Positioning Corps Team for continued growth providing companies experienced professionals and exceptional results.

  • Working Mother: So Your Kid Wants to be the Next Mark Zuckerberg …


    Many more teens now dream about starting a business. Here’s how parents can help.

  • SIA Names Best Staffing Firms To Work For and Temp For


    Corps Team named one of Staffing Industry Analysts best staffing firms to work for.

  • Cactus Soft: 30 Female CEOs and Founders in the HR Tech World, Part 1


    A list of 30 successful women who currently hold top positions in the HR tech industry.

  • Out with the Old and in with the New? Not so fast…


    Millennials are flooding into the workforce. In fact, research from the Pew Research Center estimates our labor force contains nearly 54 million of 18 to 34-year-olds, making them the largest part of our nation's workforce. At the same time, boomers are making a rapid exodus. Looks like a pretty straightforward case of "out with the old, in with the new" for the U.S. workforce – right? Not so fast…

  • Q&A With Allison O’Kelly — November MBA Mama of the Month


    On November 1st, we introduced Harvard Business School graduate Allison O’Kelly as our November MBA Mama of the Month. Allison is a mom of three boys and Founder/CEO of MomCorps and Corps Team, a strategic workforce solutions firm.

  • Huffington Post: Ignore the Media Circus – Here’s What This Election Really Means for Your Business


    The lies. The scandals. The mud-slinging. This election season has been, in a word, exhausting. And unfortunately, with the media focusing so heavily on missing emails and “locker room talk,” real issues have been forced to the back seat – leaving us employers wringing our hands and wondering: “How will this election affect my business?”

  • Huffington Post: Gender Equality: Where do Female Entrepreneurs Stand Today?


    Despite the fact that the number of women-owned businesses is on the rise, we still face an uphill battle.

  • CNBC: Internships for adults are on the rise. Here's what you need to know

    Considering a Returnship

    Out of the workforce for a few years or more? Is a returnship your best option...or is there something better?

  • Huffington Post: Banish Boredom Before It Snowballs Out of Control


    Too many employees coasting through their work days? Doing the minimum to skate by?Spending more time thumbing through their phones than focusing on core responsibilities?

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