• Huffington Post - You Just Might Face-Plant if You Try to Live Up to Other’s Expectations


    The media landscape has been saturated with the perceived controversy, societal ills and limitations of women, specifically mothers, in the workplace. It is clearly a polarizing and subjective topic, and one that breeds frustration for me because I think we're missing an important part of the perpetual debate that is relevant to a majority of professional women. Sheryl Sandberg tells us to "lean in" if we want to find success.

  • Philadelphia Business Journal - CEO File: Allison O'Kelly | Mom Corps


    Philadelphia Business Journal interviews Mom Corps CEO, Allison O'Kelly.

  • Investopedia - How Companies Can Attract Top Female Employees


    “Today's most talented professionals can command a flexible work situation because there are enough organizations that offer them,” says Allison O'Kelly, founder and CEO of Mom Corps, a national flexible staffing firm dedicated to connecting progressive employers with high-level professionals seeking flexible work options.

  • MomsRising.org - As Women, We Are Our Own Best Source of Inspiration - Guest blog post on MomsRising.org

    Allison O'Kelly

    For many of us moms, success is too often defined and driven by outside factors and interpretations of what and how we “should” do things.

  • Huffington Post - The Slippery Slope: Why Are Companies Working So Hard to Solve the Wrong Problems?


    Two particular announcements in the past couple weeks gave way to some head scratching and reactions of a much more pronounced fashion -- Yahoo and Best Buy cutting their progressive work programs.

  • Business Insider - Most Workers Willing to Trade Pay for Flexibility


    Mom Corps survey results cited on Business Insider.

  • WALL STREET JOURNAL - Battling Stereotypes, New Moms Face More Stress on the Job


    Allison O'Kelly, CEO of Mom Corps discusses the stresses of mom returning to work.

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