• BBC Capital - Six Ways to Take Back Your Time


    Mom Corps CEO Allison O'Kelly shares her insights. Sometimes fewer hours are not an option but a more flexible set up, such as working from home once or twice a week, could help lessen the burden.

  • CAREER-INTELLIGENCE - Taking a Career Break? Five Ways to Reenter the Workforce


    Mom Corps CEO Allison O’Kelly advises professionals to never “fully exit” the workforce if they plan on returning someday.

  • THE HUFFINGTON POST: Recognizing "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" When We Work at Home


    On every fourth Thursday in April, employees across the country bring their children to work offering a valuable opportunity for these daughters and sons to observe their parents in a different light. While this day is recognized once a year for most professionals and their children, working mothers who telecommute from home have the opportunity and challenge to experience this on a more day-to-day basis.

  • FORBES - Stress Awareness: Inspiring Change From Within


    April is National Stress Awareness Month, something I think most of us are already aware of and likely experience. The fast pace at which we operate our daily lives added to our increasing obligations is an unquestionable formula for stress. Research shows that nearly half of all adults suffer from adverse health effects due to stress where the body feels increased physical, mental and emotional responses.

  • TALENT MANAGEMENT: The View From Behind the Workplace Flexibility Curve


    If you think the purpose of an interview is to determine whether a candidate is right for your company’s open position, know that professionals are sizing up your business for just the same reasons. And culture fit is more of a consideration for candidates these days. As more professionals are growing accustomed to working when and where they are at their most productive, the reality is that if they can’t find flexibility in a role with your business, they’ll find it with another one — or start their own.

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