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  • HUFFINGTON POST - Ideas for Introducing Team Flexibility


    Mom Corps CEO Allison O'Kelly shares specific ideas and examples from organizations that have already found success in implementing flexible work programs.

  • Huffington Post - Ideas for Introducing Team Flexibility


    When we frame flex work options as mom- or family-centered, we risk growing resentment among the rest of our workforce and deflecting the overall benefits alternative work options afford a company.

  • HUFFINGTON POST - Workplace Flexibility Is Best When Determined by the Team


    Experts agree that workplace flexibility is viable only when both the employer and employee mutually benefit from the program. So how do we know that what's good for the goose (employee) is also good for the gander (employer)?

  • THE DAILY MUSE - Boss Going on Maternity Leave? Make it Work for You


    Early on, when your boss starts talking about her leave, make it clear to her that you are willing to “go above and beyond your job description to make her time away easier,” says Allison O’Kelly, founder and CEO of Mom Corps.

  • Dispelling Three Leading Myths That Can Impede a Strategic Work Model


    Allison O'Kelly shares insights on indoctrinating flexible work options into an organization.

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