Client Feedback

Thoughts from our employer partners.

Our Client Testimonials

We have had good success with Corps Team in filling our HR / Office Coordinator spot as well as having them available for ad hoc talent requests.  I personally spoke with the CEO, Allison O’Kelly, to begin the relationship.  Brigid, our lead recruiter, has been excellent too.  I really like your firm.  Keep up the great work.

Deborah, CEO, Financial Services Firm

Corps Team was an invaluable partner to our small, entrepreneurial company. They provided the type of consultative recruiting assistance we required to build our business, by placing highly qualified candidates who meshed well with our culture. “At the end of the day, any business is only as good as its people. We couldn’t have grown as quickly as we did without Corps Team and the talented professionals they delivered.

Kelly K., VP of Event Sales & Operations

Corps Team accomplished in one week what I had tried for months to do on my own. From the moment I spoke with them, I was certain that they knew exactly what I was talking about –specifically, the critical differences between corporate and government accounting.  Thank you, Corps Team, for providing my small business with a phenomenal service experience, and an accounting expert who exceeded my expectations. You made my search simple, quick and successful.”

Linda Griffin, President & CEO, Blade Diagnostics Corporation

We very much appreciate the quality and fit of the candidates you have provided!  You and your company provide a great service for both employers and prospective employees, as reflected by the incredible success of the company over many years!

Sandy, Bookkeeper/Office Manager, Real Estate Investment Banking

It may sound a bit contrived, but Corps Team really has been a strategic recruiting partner and an extension of our team. Lauren developed an in-depth understanding of our business. By learning what we do, and how we’ve changed the market research landscape, she was able to position our organization correctly in candidates’ minds – creating significant ‘opportunity gaps’ that attracted top sales performers in our industry, people who were not actively looking. I’d like to thank Corps Team for being our recruiting partner during a critical growth stage for GutCheck.

Dylan Frusciano, VP of Sales, Gutcheck

Corps Team was a great ally in filling this newly created position. They were efficient, reliable, always accessible and just easy to work with. It was a pleasure partnering with Kirsten, and I’d definitely re-engage them if I needed assistance with another search.

Tina D., Senior HR Manager

After working with Corps Team and their project professionals, we consider them to be a part of our family. The attention, service and solutions I received from their internal staff, coupled with the exceptional quality of the talent they delivered, is second to none.

Danielle M., Director of HR and In-House Counsel

I needed flexible, polished SEM professionals whom I could trust to serve as the face of my business. As my company grew, it was tough for me to find candidates with the perfect balance of experience, technical skills and personality –but Corps Team delivered. Over the years, Lynn has helped me find four professional search engine experts who value the flexibility of project-based work. Each time, I’ve been amazed at how quickly Lynn has recruited the people I need. She and everyone at Corps Team are true professionals, which is why I trust them with all my staffing needs.

Ken S., President

Kudos to Trista for delivering such a great culture match! She did an amazing job combining her candidate knowledge with an understanding of hiring needs to pinpoint where I needed help immediately and where I might likely need help in the future. Although I engaged John in a temporary capacity, he developed the skills while on assignment to become the perfect candidate for a direct position with our organization. Thank you, Corps Team, for being a ‘cut above’ in terms of candidate quality and understanding my requirements –even the unspoken ones. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Anitha C., Director of Strategy

It’s hard for our internal team to find HR people with retirement backgrounds and a really strong work ethic. From the moment I spoke with Brigid, though, I could tell that she understood my needs and the types of people I was looking for.  Corps Team does an exceptional job of making sure there’s a strong match between the professional and the position. The first time I reviewed their candidate overviews I thought to myself, ‘Where have all these great professionals been hiding?!'”Any time I call with a job order, Brigid sends qualified candidates within two to four days. Many times, I have two or three great people to choose from! I’m so thankful to work with a partner who understands my needs, consistently delivers exceptional professionals and helps me build a stronger department.

Dianna S., Corporate Director – Retirement Services