Health Insurance Information

              Plan year January 1 – December 31, 2024


Both plans are ACA compliant and offered through the PPO Network Service – PHCS.  To check to see if your medical provider participates in the network visit PHCS.  Click the green button to ‘Select Network’ and select PHCS from the list.  From there select the option below that applies to the plan you are interested in.

  • MEC Basic – Select Preventative Services Only
  • MEC Advantage – Select Specific Services



This plan is offered through Beam and includes benefits for preventative/diagnostic, as well as basic and major services including fillings, bridges/denture, extractions, endodontics, implants, etc.


This plan is part of the VSP Choice Network with 31,000 providers.  Coverage includes benefits for exams, lenses, frames, and contacts.

What you need to do:

Review the enrollment guides – Medical and Dental & Vision for plan details and pricing.  Determine if you will enroll in benefits or not.  You have 30 days from your start date to enroll in benefits.  Once the enrollment period ends, no additional enrollment will be accepted without a documented qualifying life event or until the next open enrollment.

To Enroll in Coverage:

For medical coverage you will need to complete the waiver form indicating you would like to enroll in coverage.

Go to https://workforcenow.adp.comclick on Myself -> Benefits -> Enrollments and select which plans you would like to enroll in (medical/dental/vision/FSA).  Within a day or so of your enrollment you will receive a confirmation email from our payroll department outlining the plans you have elected.  Please review this email carefully to ensure you were enrolled correctly.

To Waive Coverage: 

If you choose not to participate in either of our medical plans (MEC Basic or MEC Advantage), complete the Waiver of Health Coverage form.  This form is only for medical insurance. 

There is no action to take if you do not wish to enroll in the dental or vision plans.

**Should you decide to waive coverage you will need to wait until next year’s open enrollment or have a qualifying life event to enroll in any plan.   If you have a qualifying life event, you have 30 days from said event to submit the enrollment/change form and documentation


Additional Benefit Offering Information

The following additional benefit plans are offered independently of the above plans.  You may enroll in one or all of the following plans even if you are waiving enrollment in the medical, dental or vision plans. 

  1. FSA Plan – Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Annual maximum per IRS is $3,200 for 2024.
  2. FSA Plan – Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Annual maximum per IRS is based on tax filing status and is between $2500 and $5000.
  3. Qualified Transportation Account – Transit Passes, Commuter Highway Vehicle, Parking
  4. 401K Plan – Roth and Traditional Plans – Vanguard (available to eligible employees who have worked at least 1 year and 1000 hours). Employees will receive an email with enrollment details once they have met the eligibility requirements.

FSA Plan details can be found here.   Details on the Navia Benefits Card you will receive upon enrollment can be found here

To enroll in one of these plans log into the ADP portal ( and go to (Myself-> Benefits -> Enrollments).   Enrollment for the FSA plans must be completed during open enrollment or within 30 days of your start date.  Enrollment for the Qualified Transportation plan can be at any time. ** If you decline to enroll in either of the FSA plans (Healthcare or Dependent Daycare) during Open Enrollment, you will need to wait until next year’s open enrollment or have a qualifying life event and provide documentation.  

COVERAGE/Payment information FOR ALL PLANS

  • Coverage period: Monthly, running from the first to the last of the month.  Coverage will begin on the first of the month following 60 days of employment, unless completed during open enrollment when coverage will begin on 1/1.
  • Deductions for FSA and Qualified Transportation: Weekly payroll deduction based on the amount you determined.  Amounts for Qualified Transportation can be changed on the first of the month by contacting  Deductions for FSA accounts can’t be changed once they are setup until next open enrollment period or qualifying life event.
  • PreTax Deduction: All plans are being offered pre-tax, allowing you to pay your premiums with before-tax money.  This results in a reduction of your taxable wages.  Because plans are pre-tax, employees can only withdraw if there is a qualifying life event or during the next open annual open enrollment.
  • FSA Claims: All claims must be incurred while an employee of Corps Team.  You will have up to 60 days after the date of service to file a claim, but the plan will only pay for claims incurred while you were employed.  For example – If you were employed from January 1 through March 15th (11 weeks) and you contributed $20 per week to the Healthcare FSA you would have accrued $220 into the FSA by your end date.  You will be able to spend that money on any claim that occurred between January 1 and March 15th (your last day of employment).  You will be able to file the claim up to 60 days after March 15th, but all claims must have dates of service that match your dates of employment.  This policy is the same for either of the FSA’s or Qualified Transportation plans.  Any unspent funds will be forfeited, except for the Health Care FSA which allows for a $640 carryover of unspent funds from 2024 into 2025.
  • Transportation Claims:  The only difference from the above description of FSA claims is that for Transportation claims you will have 180 days to submit a claim.