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Corps Team members are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our candidates, clients and our team!  We are collaborative, nurturing and motivating, always striving to be our best and to helping each other do the same.  Although the work is fast-paced, our team always finds time to have a little fun (usually in the form of celebratory memes).

We worked remotely long before it was cool and will continue to do so once the world gets back to normal!

We are always open to talking to recruiters or client development professionals looking for a place to share their talents and make a difference.

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Corps Culture

Our values are in our name – CORPS.

Cohesive & Collaborative Culture – We are one company and one team.  While our individual needs and objectives may vary day to day, our ultimate goals are the same; we operate collaboratively with the same vision and mission in mind.

Ownership – We have an entrepreneurial spirit and possess the motivation to work hard, solve problems, innovate, and grow the business. We work as a team, sharing ideas and best practices. We take the business personally and always strive to improve.

Responsible Flexibility – We practice the work-life synthesis that we promote to our candidates. We live well, work hard, and never take advantage of the gift of flexibility.

Pride & Integrity – We are proud of our brand and our business. We believe in our mission. Our professional recruiters always operate with honesty and integrity, never compromising what is right, fair, and true.

Service Excellence – We strive to provide impeccable service to all constituents with whom we work, including clients, candidates, internal colleagues, external partners, and the media.

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