Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some common questions asked by our clients. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

How do I find talent through Corps Team?

Corps Team is a full-service search and staffing firm. When you or your team need an external recruiting partner, we are here to support you. We work with some clients to manage all of their recruiting needs; other clients engage us on an as needed basis. We support contract recruitment, contract to hire and direct hire positions.

Does Corps Team only support and fill part-time positions?

Not at all! We were founded as Mom Corps in 2005 and still support flexible and part-time positions. We “re-branded” the company as Corps Team in 2016 and today support full-time positions, both contract and direct hire.

How does the do it yourself option work?

We understand that full-service search and staffing might not always be in your budget. If you would like to advertise your job through us but do the recruiting yourself, you can post your job to our site for $299 for 30 days. We will send all of the applications directly to your inbox.

Do we have to pay if you can’t find a match?

For our search and staffing service, we work on a contingent basis. That means that you only pay us when we find you a candidate who you decide to hire.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have professional liability, errors and omissions and workers compensation insurance for our contractors. We can name our clients as an additional insured if requested.

Can I hire a contractor through you?

Of course! We do direct hire, contract and contract to hire. We can discuss the options and what works best in your situation.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes! If you hire an employee through us, we will replace the candidate at no cost to you if they don’t work out during the replacement guarantee period.
Do you provide diverse candidates?

Diversity is a major component of our recruiting efforts and we will provide you with a diverse slate of candidates for each role we are working on.