FORBES – Yes You Can End Your Own Mom Wage Gap

Forbes features Mom Corps Dallas as a remedy to winning the “mom wage gap”.

As if the gender wage gap weren’t bad enough, we’re now told that mothers – that’s America, moms and apple pie y’all – make 7 to 14% less than the childless among us.

Here’s NPR this morning on the mom-gap.

BAKST: Well, there’s still blatant discrimination against new mothers out there. I mean you would be shocked what we hear when pregnant women announce their pregnancies and are told or what are we going to do about that? I mean that is still out there alive and well. But, of course, there’s much more subtle stereotyping about new mother’s competence and commitment that’s going on in the workplace. You know, we often see women returning from maternity leave who are given less work or dead end assignments. And this type of discrimination really drags down wages for women because they get off track, and even worse off and pushed out of the workforce.

And then we also hear about women who work part-time who really face a documented wage and benefit penalty. The penalties associated with part-time work in the U.S. are actually seven times higher as they are in Sweden and the UK, and this affects workers across the economic spectrum, but we see low-wage workers especially hard hit with little if no benefits and with pretty much no with documented wage penalties.

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by Victoria Pynchon


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