National Flex Day 2014: How Do Men (and Women) Flex?

Mom Corps was proud to be part of National Flex Day 2014 on October 21. As part of the celebration our CEO and founder, Allison O’Kelly, participated in Working Mother Magazine’s Facebook Q&A on “How Men (and Women) Flex.” There, we heard a few common themes:

  1. There are no big differences when it comes to flexibility for men and women, as men and women both want the option to have flextime. Yet, men are often more likely to be given flextime when they ask for it. Many participants thought that more men asking for flex meant that meant it would become less of a women’s issue and more of everyone’s issue.
  2. When participants were asked if they would leave a job that didn’t give them flexible schedules, the answer was an unanimous “yes!” 
  3. You should ask for flex at some point in the interview process, but not too soon. As Allison put it: “I would caution asking the interviewer too early about flex. You don’t want to give the impression that work is not going to be a priority. I would do research and do informational interviews with others at the company to get my data.”

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