The Importance of Work-Life Blend

It’s no big secret.

Employees who are able to achieve a satisfying work-life blend are more successful.

Research supports this notion. In fact, a study by Accenture revealed that for most people (over 50 percent of respondents), work-life blend is the key determiner on whether or not they have a successful career – ahead of recognition, autonomy and even money.

Here are just a few reasons this is the case:

Balance decreases stress. Priorities outside of work that go unattended can distract your staff and create feelings of conflict. When employees don’t feel the tug of home, however, their minds are free to focus on work – and on doing a great job for you.

Balance increases fulfillment. All work and no play makes Jack (or Jane) a dull boy. The converse is also true. Balance gives employees more time to truly disconnect from their jobs and pursue activities outside work that bring them joy. Life experiences (be it spending meaningful time with family, exercising, vacationing, attending sporting events, visiting museums, pursuing hobbies) – not money – are what make people truly satisfied and fulfilled.

Flexibility increases productivity. Alternate workweeks (4/10, 9/80) cut down on total commute time (due to fewer round trips and traveling on nonpeak hours), which can put employees in a better frame of mind while they’re at work. Furthermore, more intensive time in the office may allow your team to become more deeply involved in projects and boost productivity.

Flexibility increases happiness. When employees have the freedom to blend their priorities inside and outside of work, they feel more in control – and generally happier. Knowing that they work for an employer who meets their need for flexibility improves mood, increases job satisfaction and boosts engagement.

In an earlier post on employee flexibility, we shared two statistics that underscore the business value of employee flexibility. But the simple fact is, helping your staff find the right work-life blend isn’t just good for you; it’s good for everyone.

Do what you can to build a culture that supports flexibility. By respecting their preferences and priorities, you’ll create happier, higher-performing professionals who want to stay working for you.

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