5 Things Today’s Top Talent are Looking for in Their Careers

According to research cited in a recent HBR.org post, a high performer can deliver 400 percent more productivity than the average performer.

400 percent!

A statistic like this underscores how vital it is to attract and retain exceptional people. What’s the best way to do that? It’s simple, really: just give them what they want. Of course, that starts with knowing what they want.

We can help with that! Today, Corps Team is sharing five things today’s top talent is looking for in their careers:

Competitive salary and bonuses. In the post cited above, compensation and bonuses were the two things employees say they value most at work – and high performers care even more about them than average or low performers. This is not surprising, because top professionals understand their worth and know that performance-based incentives pay off for them.

Opportunities for training and professional growth. High performers are passionate about their careers. Attaining professional goals is often as great a reward to them as compensation. Conduct regular career planning sessions to help top employees chart their futures with your company. Develop a rolling five-year plan that aligns with your organization’s goals, while meeting high performers’ need for advancement. Provide the training, education, “stretch” assignments and mentors top talent will need to make their growth goals a reality.

And when you’re interviewing for direct hire, ask promising candidates about their career goals. Outline possible career paths for the available position, so that high performers can visualize growth potential within your organization.

Flexibility. Top talent works exceptionally hard – often putting in longer hours than average employees. As such, their commitment to professional excellence can make it challenging for them to achieve a healthy work-life mix. Make it easier for them by offering a variety of flex work options:

  • Compressed work weeks
  • Job sharing
  • Greater autonomy (giving employees more control over how and when work is done, when appropriate)
  • A “results only” work environment (compensating employees based on the results they produce – not the hours they work). This is an exceptionally attractive option for high performers, as they’re typically excellent self-managers.

Promote the flexible options you offer on your website, job portal and anywhere else you connect with talent, to attract more high-caliber professionals.

Employers that live up to their commitments. There’s a big difference between saying and doing – and high performers can easily see through empty promises. To attract and retain top talent, represent your employment brand honestly. Stay true to your core values. Honor the commitments you make to employees, no matter how small or large. The best professionals are “doers”; they want to align themselves with organizations that value action over words.

Support to do their jobs well. High performers want to focus their time, attention and resources on their most important priorities. Process bottlenecks, outdated technology or a lack of professional support can impede their progress and cause them to “look for greener pastures.” As their employer, do whatever you can to provide the resources top performers need to accomplish their objectives.

Corps Team provides what high performers (and your organization) need most.

Our flexible professional staffing and search services deliver:

  • Experienced professionals (fractional, project-based and interim) to afford your direct employees greater flexibility – and the support they need.
  • High performers to grow your core team.

Contact your local Corps Team office to learn more.

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