Is a Flexible Opportunity Right for You?

Why did you apply to this position?

What type of related experience do you have? 

Why should we hire you?

When you’re on the job hunt, you’re used to answering interview questions –  lots and LOTS of them.

But while the interviewer is sizing you up as a candidate, you should also be sizing up the job opportunity. If you’re interviewing for a flexible role, here are three questions you should ask the hiring manager to determine if that flexible opportunity is right for you:

What technology do you use to support flex work?

A progressive employer who really “gets” workplace flexibility will have invested substantial time and money in evaluating and selecting the right tech tools to promote flexible work arrangements. Look for evidence that vehicles like cloud-based file sharing, robust project management software and other collaboration/communication tools are used effectively. As a follow up, ask about what type of training the employer provides to help new employees get up-to-speed on the technology they use.

What kinds of processes do you have in place to support the success of your flexibility offerings? Technology is certainly one important component of flex work, but an employer also needs the right processes in place to ensure success. Inquire about the types of communication processes, coordination processes and accountability processes the employer has established – to be sure they’ve truly created an environment in which you can succeed.

How does your company manage its flexible employees?

Find out if company managers are appropriately trained and equipped to manage the unique challenges of flexible work arrangements – as well as the unique needs of employees in flexible roles. Here are a few things to look for in the interviewer’s response:

  • Results-based management – employees are given reasonable freedom to control when and where they accomplish work, as long as they meet objectives and adhere to deadlines.
  • Frequent communication – conference calls, project updates and inclusive communication chains are the norm.
  • Management availability during off hours – managers are willing and able to be contacted outside of the typical nine-to-five, to answer employees’ questions and handle urgent issues.

Find the ideal flexible opportunity with Corps Team.

Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of fractional, interim or telecommuting jobs, or a direct position to take the next step in your career, Corps Team can help you achieve your ideal work-life mix. Contact your local Corps Team recruiter today or search professional flexible job opportunities here.

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