Overcoming Today’s Top Hiring Challenges

iStock_000018176129_SmallTime for a quick reality check:

  • According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, the unemployment rate for professional and business services is at 5.2 percent, its lowest level since December of 2007.
  • The Conference Board Leading Economic Index® (LEI) for the U.S. has increased for three consecutive months to 123.6, suggesting that our economy will continue to gain momentum over the next quarter.

These indicators crystallize what you already know in your gut:

It’s extremely difficult to recruit top talent in our current market – and not likely to get easier any time soon.

What’s a savvy HR or business professional to do? For starters, here are four ways to find top talent in today’s market from Mom Corps:

Make your postings irresistible. In industries with extremely low unemployment, gainfully employed professionals are prime targets for your recruiting efforts. To get them to take notice of your opportunities, move beyond the job description and explain the “WIIFM.” 

Create a performance profile for the available role to position the job as a smart career move. Outline the major challenges to be overcome, as well as the potential for growth in your organization. Presenting an opportunity this way helps to create an “opportunity gap” in a potential candidate’s mind – and gets them thinking about the advantages of your position over their current job.

Work your referral network. We say it all the time: great people know other great people! Make sure you leave no stone unturned:

  • Start with current employees. Include referral reminders in email signatures, company newsletters, break rooms, paycheck stubs or anywhere else employees might see the information.
  • Widen the circle. Solicit friends, family members, clients, vendors and contacts in professional and industry organizations.
  • Incentivize referrals. If you haven’t already, create a formal program that rewards people for referring candidates you hire.
  • Go social. Most referral sources’ relationships exist on social platforms, so invest in technology that makes it easy to convert those social network contacts into referrals.

Illustrate why you’re an employer of choice. In tight candidate markets, top prospects have lots of options (and may even have the luxury of entertaining multiple job offers). In addition to earning competitive salaries, high performers want to work for companies that have proven themselves as employers of choice.

In every aspect of your candidate recruitment efforts, detail the ways your company distinguishes itself as a best place to work. Here are a few factors top candidates consider:

  • Benefits
  • Bonuses and merit-based awards
  • Culture
  • Wellness programs
  • Opportunities for training, professional growth and advancement
  • Flex work options (such as flexible work schedules and job sharing). According to Corps Team’s Bi-annual Workplace Survey, 73 percent of working adults cite flexibility as a top consideration when seeking a new job!

Partner with a leading professional recruiter. Offering a full complement of flexible professional staffing and placement services, Corps Team can help you hire top talent, faster – even in industries with extremely low unemployment. We:

  • Improve sourcing – using specialized expertise, the right recruiting methods and national resources to attract high performers.
  • Shorten your search – by accelerating the sourcing, interviewing and vetting processes.
  • Increase workplace flexibility – by easing the demand on your direct employees and helping them achieve optimal work-life mix. In the long run, providing greater flexibility enhances your employment brand and makes recruiting top talent easier.

Have a tough hiring challenge? Contact your local Corps Team office to learn more.

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