Deb D., Corporate Tax Consultant at Financial Services Company

Name: Deb D.

Candidate expertise/career goal: Corporate Tax Manager/Consultant

Company Description: Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Interesting fact about the placement:  Our client needed a tax professional with large corporation experience and a deep understanding of tax law, federal and state income tax concepts, advanced research and tax technical writing skills to assist with federal tax compliance and provisions.  Deb, CPA with more than 10 years of large company experience in the management of all areas of corporate income tax compliance, tax provision, and transactional taxes was able to step in to help more than the federal team and filling a gap on the team. As a consultant, she has worked for many large public companies within various industries from financial services, IT Servicing, Industrial, Retail to Entertainment and as a result, she is proficient in several tax programs such as OneSource, the system utilized by our client. 


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