Tips from a Recruiter: Job Postings

The purpose of posting a job is to attract the right candidates to the opportunity. This may sound simple, but it can quickly become complicated if the proper details are missing. In fact, a poorly written job posting that lacks essential and valuable information can go unnoticed by ideal candidates and get unqualified people to apply.

A survey from SEEK cited what candidates look for in a job advertisement. While simple, here are some of the most important features they cited:

  • Duties & Responsibilities: What does a typical day involve? Are there other projects outside of regular work? By describing the job in detail, you can paint a clear picture of the role and expectations without any confusion.
  • Location: If the job requires being onsite or must be based in a certain city, list the general office location such as “downtown Columbus” or “southwest Charlotte”. If it’s a hybrid role, include how many days are expected to be onsite versus remote.
  • Experience & Qualifications: Cite “must have” requirements such as years of experience, a degree, type of industry, software skills, certifications, etc. Be realistic about what is truly necessary to perform the job. Asking for too much could eliminate candidates.
  • Compensation & Benefits: More cities are requiring compensation to be listed on job postings, so provide a pay range for job seekers. Including any information about company benefits or perks can also draw people in.
  • Contact Information: Providing a source for interested candidates is just good recruiting. A point person that can offer insight about the role, process, and more is highly valuable.

Following these tips will hopefully make your advertisement stand out and get the best applicants. Missing these criteria can unintentionally eliminate the right person for the job.

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