Tips from a Recruiter: Why Contract Roles are Good!

Contractor, contingent, freelance, temporary…call it what you will. Many people may not know enough about these roles to seriously consider them a valid option. But why not? These are great opportunities that often get overlooked because they aren’t “traditional”.

According to a recent article by, “The news that this part of the workforce is growing should come as no surprise. According to McKinsey, 36 percent of the workforce self-identifies as independent workers. But several factors — economic uncertainty, layoffs, and the move toward aligning skills to work — contribute to this workforce’s growth in hyperdrive.”

The movement is growing, so although the security of a traditional job can deter people from choosing a contract role, there are some great aspects that should be considered.

  • Earning Higher Pay – Most contract positions pay a higher hourly rate in lieu of benefits. If you don’t need a full stack of benefits or are willing to take the limited plans staffing agencies offer, you can really bank some cash!
  • Gaining New Skills – Contractors can quickly build their skills by working across various industries and on multiple assignments. A long-term employee may not get that. Expanding your knowledge and becoming more versatile as an employee is always a good thing.
  • Getting Your Foot in the Door – A great contractor can really impress people, so looking at it as an opportunity to establish yourself as a valuable resource might just open some doors for long-term employment. Do the job and do it well.
  • Building Your Network – Making a good impression during your contract assignment can also mean aligning with people that can expand your network. Even if this job is short-term, you can establish strong relationships and increase your opportunity to get referred to other openings in the future.
  • Testing It Out – Contract work gives both the employee and the company a chance to “try it before you buy it”. If it’s a great fit on both sides, awesome! If not, neither of you is committed for the long haul.

Now that you’re informed, you can decide if a contract role is right for you. It could open up a whole new world.


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