Flexibility Re-Defined: Knowing your options when it comes to flexible work

Mom Corps is a professional staffing company that specializes in flexible workplace solutions.  What that means for candidates is that we match experienced professionals looking for flexible careers to premier companies seeking top talent. 

But a question we often receive is – what exactly is a flexible job? What does that mean to Mom Corps?

At Mom Corps, we define flexibility in terms of time, place, or duration.


One common misconception is that a flexible job is a part-time job.  However, flexible can also refer to the flexing of the work schedule.  This could mean full-time with modified hours starting and ending at non-traditional times. For example, starting work at 7 a.m. to end at 3 p.m. in time to pick-up the kids from school. Or perhaps starting at 10 a.m. twice a week because you wish to attend a morning yoga class. Modified workweek means anything that differs from a traditional schedule.


Where and how work is performed can also cause a job to be classified as flexible. Some variations of place include telecommuting some days, as many organizations now allow employees to work from home on occasion, while others make telecommuting part of the normal culture and structure.  For some candidates, a flexible job in their field would mean that they simply wouldn’t be required to travel for business all the time (for those who’ve spent most of their time on the road).  For others, a shorter commute would make a job more flexible – regaining hours of their day due to the proximity of the job to their home.


The jobs we source vary from permanent (with no anticipated end date), temporary (contract, with an end date in mind), project-based (working until the project is considered complete by the employer), or seasonal.  One example of a flexible job based on duration is the accountant who wishes to work only during tax season (perhaps working full time or more), and then having the rest of the year off.  Or the professional who prefers to work from project to project, contract to contract with no permanent commitment.

There are many ways to look at flexibility. The key is to figure out what you need to achieve work-life synthesis, where work and life support one another rather than conflict with one another.

Applying for a flexible career

Once you’ve figured out the best scenario(s) for your career, search our flexible job postings and apply to jobs that fit.  As a candidate, you are automatically registered to receive our weekly Hot Jobs newsletter which features our latest job postings in each market each week.  If you are not registered for Hot Jobs, email us and we’ll sign you up.

Have more questions? Take a look at our Candidate FAQs to answer any questions about the Mom Corps process.

Congrats on taking steps toward a flexible career!


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