Success Story: Wells Fargo Addresses Increased Workload with Mom Corps Candidate

Placement Type: Temporary Staffing
Part-Time Human Resources Generalist

Client Requirements
Following a recent merger, an executive within Wells Fargo’s HR department was deluged with a number of projects. She was experiencing an overwhelming increase in workload from multiple system changes in addition to her typical year-end responsibilities. While there was no budget for Wells Fargo to hire a permanent staff member, there was still an immediate need for a senior level HR generalist with project management experience to alleviate the workload.

Our Approach
Mom Corps’ Charlotte Sales Manager had already taken the steps to become an approved vendor with Wells Fargo, making the interview and hiring process streamlined and seamless. The Sales Manager and a team of skilled recruiters handled the entire process: negotiating rates, selecting candidates from our database networks, coordinating interviews, and ensuring a successful arrangement for both client and candidates.

The Ideal Candidate
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill graduate with a degree in Business Administration (1989)

Former Director of Human Resources with a 17-year career at Duke Energy, who was ready to return to a flexible career after taking time off to care for her young children.

A  Mom Corps veteran previously staffed on a five week “Team MOM” HR assignment with LendingTree, LLC.

The Success Story
Our candidate was given a well-defined project plan and flexible work schedule of 20-25 hours per week, primarily from a remote location. She exceeded expectations, and Wells Fargo extended the contract once. The client is hopeful that they can extend a part-time, permanent position within the company soon.


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