Success Story: Cambridge Healthcare Hires Vice President of Accounting

Placement Type: Permanent Staffing
Full-time Senior Interface Designer

Client Requirements
The client company was a cutting-edge digital agency, developing mobile and web applications for government, commercial and non-profit entities. To meet the needs of their diverse and growing client list, they needed a highly specialized employee to join the team in their Northern Virginia headquarters. The job required at least five years technical experience in user interface design and SEO disciplines, as well as excellent client consultative and project management skills.

Our Approach
Despite the very specific technical requirements, Mom Corps quickly found an incredible match in our database network. The candidate was screened, presented to the client company, interviewed and placed as a contract-to-hire employee just weeks after the original client request.

The Ideal Candidate
Specific Skill Set- Our candidate had an impressive mix of business acumen and technical design skills, including a wide array of Content Management Systems (CMS), Microsoft Project and SEO analytic tools.

Extensive Industry Knowledge – The Mom Corps candidate had over 15 years in digital strategy, contributing to the design and implementation of enterprise-level and e-commerce websites across a variety of industries.

The Success Story
On her first day on the job, our candidate was assigned to a crucial usability testing project. Her extensive web development experience and communication skills allowed her to contribute immediately—a huge benefit for her co-workers and supervisors. Furthermore, the candidate was pleased with the cultural fit, short commute and work-life balance elements at the client company. After 4 months in a contract role, she was hired as a full-time employee.


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