Send Thank You Notes After Interviews

There’s nothing quite like the sense of relief felt after finishing an interview. The scary part may be over, but your work isn’t done. Thank you notes are a must to leave a lasting impression and remind your interviewer why you are a good fit for the role.

Choose your method
Both email and handwritten thank you notes are common, and both have advantages.

The fastest method is via email. You never know how many professionals are being considered, and the sooner you reach out, the more likely the interviewer will be able to recall your interview. It’s also an easier method of communication, so you might even get a response. 

However, a handwritten note is a more personal touch that can set you apart as emails become the norm. If you choose this approach, make sure you write the note as soon as you return home and mail it immediately. Timeliness is important, so don’t procrastinate on this step.

Include the right information
There’s an art to writing thank you notes. You should send notes to everyone in the interview, reminding them when you met, the position you discussed and your top skills that pertain to the job. Provide your interviewers with details that will jog their memories, such as a point in the conversation or experience that is unique to you. 

Above all, you want to give your interviewer easy access to your contact information. Providing your phone number and email address shows initiative and respect for your interviewer’s time. 

Keep it short
This may be difficult, but it’s important to keep your thank you note to the point. Don’t overwhelm your interviewer with a large block of text. Get rid of unnecessary words and keep to the essentials. Ask yourself whether a busy executive would have the time to read your thank you note. Keeping it within one short paragraph will ensure easy reading.

Following up on an interview is a must, and using the right techniques will make you stand out among other candidates.


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