Configure Your Home Office Wisely

It’s no secret that working at least some hours from home can have benefits for both employers and workers. After all, a happy worker means a better employee, and if working from home works for you and your employer, you should exercise that option. However, bear in mind that your productivity is only as good as your workspace allows.

Find the right surface
Though, your office desk may have been meticulously planned to exude confidence and professionalism, your work surface at home likely didn’t receive as much attention. Maybe your desk at home isn’t even a desk – perhaps it’s a dining or coffee table. The inherent danger of these “desks” is their implied environments. The dining table is where you eat, and the coffee table is where you lounge. You might find yourself struggling to pay attention to your tasks when you’re working from such leisurely spots.

Use the right space
You’ll want to work from a more neutral space, such as a home office or even a desk in the bedroom. If your residential work area hasn’t seen professional use in years, set aside a day to clear off and clean the space. Even if you’re simply putting a desk in the bedroom, layout matters. Keep the bed behind you and a wall in front of you. This way, you won’t be tempted to nap or find yourself gazing out the window constantly.

Carefully consider decorating
There’s no need to put family photos on the desk when your loved ones live in the same place you work, so you may be tempted to put up other decorations, from desk toys to paintings. Before you commit to this design, consider whether these will serve as inspiration or hinder your work. If gazing at a classic painting really is great motivation for you, then put it up. But if you know that you’ll get lost in the art, find another room for the piece.

Invest in the right furniture
Chances are, you’ll be working from a seated position for most of the day, so you want to invest in a quality office chair. Doing so will make the transition to a home office easier. Though comfort is important, don’t overdo it. You don’t want a chair so cozy you want to fall asleep in it.

Planning ahead and configuring your workspace properly will help you focus and enjoy working from home. Tell us, what’s your favorite part of your home office?


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