Own Your Strong, Own Your Future

Mom Corps YOU supporting sponsor Mudderella is committed to giving women a great experience at its events. We hope that you come out to take on a new challenge, have fun and Own Your Strong!

Mudderella is also about sharing your strong. Mudderella is a proud supporter of Futures Without Violence (FWV), a national non-profit dedicated to preventing domestic violence and supporting those who have been affected.

How do I get involved?

When you register for Mudderella, a fundraising page will automatically be created! Mudderella encourages participants to raise money for FWV by giving a $25 rebate to anyone who raises $250 or more for Futures Without Violence.

How do I fundraise?

Once you’ve committed to raising money, it’s time to start spreading the word. Here are three ways to spread awareness and fundraise:

  1. Send an email: To write a good fundraising email, make sure you actually ask for support, make the email personal, be positive and keep it short! Lastly, remember to set a goal and a deadline.

  2. Post to Facebook: Announce that you are raising money for Futures Without Violence on Facebook. Let everyone know you are running Mudderella in support of FWV and share your fundraising page. Again, don’t forget to set a goal and a deadline.

  3. Share the good news: Nothing beats telling everyone in person! The next time you meet up with friends and family, let them know you’re running Mudderella and raising money for Futures Without Violence. They’re sure to be excited and, who knows, they might even decide to run with you!

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