Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Online Job Postings: 3 Common Job Scam Tactics To Watch Out For

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day, but unfortunately professional scammers strike every day of the year. Make sure you aren’t getting pranked when you browse online job postings by being aware of these common scam tactics:

Asking for payment

One popular job scam requires the applicant to deposit a check into their bank account and then send the employer the money. A real company would never ask an applicant to do that… think about it… why would that make sense?! Protect your personal information and never give out bank information until well into the hiring process for direct deposit.

Hiring without an interview

If you’ve been out of the workforce, you might be nervous about interviewing with companies and find job postings that advertise “no interview required”. Although that may sound very appealing, real, legitimate companies would NEVER hire anyone without a job interview. Would you take on the liability of an employee and pay someone you’ve never met? We didn’t think so… and neither would a good employer.

Too good to be true scams

Any job postings that call out to job seekers to sign-up and get paid to do data entry, envelope stuffing, pyramid schemes / sales models, assembling products, processing rebates, and wire money transferring are almost definitely a scam!!

Professionals don’t find telecommuting / work-from-home jobs through questionable online job ads. Ask anyone who works remotely and you’ll find out that they went through a very traditional interview process before landing their legitimate and rewarding telecommuting job!

And of course, our #1 tip is going to be to visit to browse jobs because all of our jobs are high-quality positions posted by our professional recruiters. No scams allowed!


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