Could Your ‘Thank You’ Note Be More Important Than Your Resume?

When you completed job interviews, you may have thought that was your one chance to let your prospective employer know how much you want to be hired and why your contribution would make the company stronger. You may also have thought of something that should have been said during the meeting, or would like to rephrase a point that wasn’t clear.

Well, there’s a way to do that and it’s all in one place – the thank you note.

When you send a thank you letter to the individuals who interview you for jobs, you’re not just being polite. It’s an opportunity to revisit the interview, your resume and your accomplishments. In short, it’s another chance to make your bid for the position you want.

Here are a few tips to writing a thank you note that gets you a job:

  1. Write the letters or emails immediately while the interview is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Also, getting right to it is the professional thing to do. Emailing is an acceptable way to send a thank you letter, but many experts agree a hard copy letter should follow the email because it shows additional effort.
  2. Tell the interviewer how you appreciate the time that was spent with you. If there was more than one interviewer, a thank you letter should go to everyone who was involved in the process. Personalize each letter by noting some part of the conversation that involved the individual interviewer directly, such as a question that he or she asked.
  3. Toot your own horn. What’s most important about a professional thank you note is the opportunity to keep an impression of you fresh in the hiring manager’s mind. Remind them of the position you’ve applied for and reiterate what experience you have that directly relates to the needs of the job and the success you would bring to it.
  4. Don’t go on too long. The people you met with are busy trying to find experienced professionals like you for their openings. You should keep the letter to a couple of short paragraphs or you could bullet the major points.
  5. If there was something you want to clear up that may have been vague in the conversation or that may have conveyed an impression that you didn’t intend, briefly address it if you think it will help your case. Don’t mention such matters if you think it will further cloud the issue.
  6. Let the interviewer know you’re happy to answer any additional questions he or she may have. Make sure all your contact information is included in the note.

And there you have it; 6 steps for writing a “Thank You” note that will get you that job. Your resume will get you the interview, the interview will show the employer who you are, but the Thank You not will tie your professional brand together and potentially give an employer more information about you that leads to your hire.

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