Understand What “Flexibility” Means to Current and Potential Employees

What’s a “break”?

It depends on whether you’re asking a Tae Kwon Do instructor, a production line supervisor, or an orthopedic surgeon.

The same is true of the term “workplace flexibility.” It may mean one thing to you, but quite another to your employees or potential candidates.

As the employer, deciding which programs to offer is ultimately up to you. But for your flexibility offerings to serve as engagement, retention and recruiting tools, they must benefit all parties involved.

How can you ensure your workplace flexibility programs hit the mark? Try reading this post! Today, Corps Team provides three tips to help you define what “flexibility” really means to current and potential employees:

Ask. What flexibility issues matter most to your employees? How can you offer greater flexibility and still get great results from your team? Don’t wonder; just ask! Hold a meeting to open the lines of communication and explore possibilities. Start with a brainstorming session, during which you reserve judgment and encourage employees to generate as many ideas as possible. Then, move onto a viability analysis to determine which ideas really have the most merit – and matter most to your team.

Survey. Some employees may provide more honest input via an anonymous survey. If you haven’t done so recently, distribute a short survey that asks employees to rate the value of current and proposed flex work options. Include open-ended response questions, so respondents can offer additional suggestions for making your workplace more flexible.

Research. To ensure your flexibility offerings will appeal to those hard-to-recruit candidates you need to attract, do your homework. Countless resources are available online to help you understand the mindsets and unique needs of knowledge workers, accounting professionals, business consultants – or just about any other type of candidate you’re trying to recruit.

As an alternative, consider posting a question about flex work options in a relevant industry forum – you may get candid, firsthand insights to help you target your offerings.

Or, just give Corps Team a call. We’re workplace flexibility experts and know what flexible options matter most to high performers. And if you need smart, savvy professionals for assignments, projects or direct hire, check out our flexible professional staffing and search options.

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