Tips for Applying for a Virtual Job

Flexible staffing may be the norm, but there are still many employers who are hesitant about the arrangement. This can be especially true when they’re hiring new employees. After all, these hiring managers have no way of knowing whether applicants are experienced in remote work. There are people who prefer to work in traditional offices, citing an inability to concentrate outside of the professional workspace. 

Additionally, given the current job market and the trends in flexibility, you can bet that many people will be applying to the positions you’re looking at. If you’re opting into the workforce and haven’t tried out flexible work options before, you may feel like a fish out of water. Don’t let your lack of experience scare you away. If it’s an arrangement you’re interested in, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply for a position. But what makes a candidate stand out in a hiring manager’s eyes and what can you do to put yourself at the top of the consideration list? 

Know what to highlight 
Attracting the attention of a hiring manager means tailoring each resume and cover letter to the position and its requirements. If you’re looking at a remote working position, there may be certain professional experiences that you want to highlight. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you draft your documents. 

  • Mention relevant experiences: Not having any experience with remote work doesn’t mean that you don’t have relevant skills. Remote work is a matter of self-motivation and good time management skills. Any projects that you were responsible for or managed honed your abilities to schedule your time wisely and stay on top of your work, so mention these in either your cover letter or resume. 

  • Stay on top of communication: If you get the job, you won’t be working in the office, so staying on top of your emails is essential. Just because you haven’t gotten the job yet doesn’t mean that employers aren’t paying attention to how quickly you respond to their emails. They’ll definitely notice if you respond right away – it’s a quick way to prove your abilities. 

  • Ask questions: Remote workers rarely see their managers face to face, if ever. However, they’re bound to have questions. Therefore, it’s important that they have the initiative to ask them. This ensures that they always know what they’re doing. Find an opportunity to ask a good question, whether at the interview or after it, over email to show that you’re not afraid to reach out when you need to. 

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