Your First Day of Flexible Work

Now that you’ve secured a position with a flexible staffing business, it’s time to try out this exciting new work option. But how do you make the most out of your first few days? 

You likely feel a little nervous – your managers have placed a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. They’re not there to make sure that you’re working productively, but you’re expected to meet your daily goals. So how do you enjoy yourself and complete your work? 

Seize the bull by the horns 
The first few times you work from home or at the local coffee shop will be daunting. However, this hesitation will be the motivation you need to finish your work on time and possibly earlier than you expected. After all, you don’t want to let your team down and you don’t want your managers to wonder whether you’re working hard enough when you’re not in the office. 

If you aren’t sure of best practices when it comes to remote work, here are some tips to help you get situated. 

  • Wake up at your usual time: Unless you’re working from home permanently, waking up at the same time that you usually do when you go into work will get you in the right mindset. All your usual morning preparations and time spent commuting is dedicated to work, so do the same whether you’re working from home or the coffee shop down the street. Think of this early start as leeway for any distractions that you may encounter during the day.  

  • Avoid personal accounts: Because no one’s looking over your shoulder, you may be tempted to check your personal email or see what your friends are up to on social media pages. This may seem like an innocent venture, but it can quickly become a time sink. If you truly have a vested interest, give yourself a time limit. 

  • Take many breaks: Working for eight hours straight can be exhausting, regardless of where you’re sitting – at home, in the office or at the library. Take the opportunity to get up and stretch your legs at any time. Take a walk outside if it’s nice. Make your own lunch. Do the little tasks that you can’t do when you’re at work. These are the activities that you’ll really appreciate. 

  • Set deadlines: Before you begin work, jot down a list of the responsibilities that you definitely have to complete by the end of the day, and ones that you’d like to complete, but aren’t completely necessary. This way, you complete whatever work you have to, and you can go the extra mile if you have time or want to keep going. 

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself: If you don’t meet all your goals for the day, don’t beat yourself up about it. Unless it’s a project that absolutely needed to be completed, it can always wait. That’s the beauty of flexible work. There are always opportunities to make up for lost time or work ahead. Whether you’ve got a doctor’s appointment or need to go grocery shopping, you can get all your work in on time if you plan ahead. 

  • Respond to chats and emails: One of the most important parts of working remotely is being available for contact. You never know when a problem may arise, and you might be the only person who can answer the questions that clients or co-workers may have. Checking your email and chats often will ensure that you stay on top of every question, which managers will appreciate.


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