Three Steps to Improving Employee Loyalty

It’s no secret:

Loyal employees are an invaluable asset to your organization.

In addition to reducing the painfully high costs of turnover, research shows that committed employees are more productive, take fewer sick days and are great brand ambassadors.

But just how can you keep top professionals loyal – and committed to doing an amazing job for you?

Show them the true impact of their work!

When employees understand how their jobs directly affect your company, your community or even the world, they’re motivated to work even harder. So today, Mom Corps is sharing three steps to improve employee loyalty, by showing them how they drive your organization’s success.

Do your homework. First, make sure you clearly understand all of the ways each organizational role contributes to the success of the whole. Within each department, task key managers with listing the ways employees’ discrete work functions help achieve company goals.

For example, a digital media buyer doesn’t directly bring in new business. But by doing certain aspects his job well, he can greatly improve quality lead generation and make the sales team’s job much easier.

Then help employees connect the dots. While it’s fairly easy to see how sales professionals’ contributions affect your business, the value your other employees (especially those who serve internal customers) provide is not always so immediately obvious.

Clarify (and when possible, quantify) the impact each employee has within your company. Help employees understand your organization’s “big picture” – and how their activities directly impact things like quality, efficiency, brand image, customer retention and profitability. In addition, be sure your employees understand how your products or services benefit customers, your community and beyond.

Finally, tie rewards and recognition to those efforts. When setting performance goals, tie opportunities for bonuses, recognition or other rewards to high-impact work functions (i.e., the activities and behaviors that have the greatest effect on organizational success). This creates a positive cycle that’s good for everybody:

  • Your employees get rewarded for doing work that benefits internal customers, external customers and your organization as a whole.
  • And because they’re being recognized and rewarded for that work, your employees are more likely to stay committed to your organization.

Keep your employees loyal – by providing the support they need.

To keep your top professionals engaged and motivated, give them the support they need to focus on high-impact work that drives organizational success. Our flexible professional staffing and search services alleviate the stress that position vacancies, special projects or tight deadlines can cause your team. Contact your local Corps Team office to learn more.

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