Flexible Work Options Important for Men and Women

Flexible work options? They’re the “new normal” in business.

In fact, a recent study by Catalyst Research indicates that 81 percent of high-potential employees reported currently working at a firm that offers flexible work arrangements of some kind (including options like telecommuting, flexible start/stop times, compressed work weeks, part-time work and job sharing).

But who values flex work the most – men or women? And do they use those options the same way? For those answers, let’s take a look at a few more results from the study:

  • Both men and women value flexible work options. Over half (52 percent) of study respondents perceive flex work to be “very important” or “extremely important.” Women, however, were nearly 1.5 times as likely as men to rate flexible options as “very important” or “extremely important.”
  • Both sexes use flex work to the same extent. Although women do believe workplace flexibility is more important than men do, both sexes report using these options to a similar degree throughout their careers.
  • Flex work isn’t just for those with children. Flexible work arrangements matter, regardless of whether or not employees have children at home. In fact, 54 percent of high potentials with children living at home reported flex work as “very important” or “extremely important,” compared to 50 percent of those without children in the household.
  • Women are more likely than men to telecommute (39% vs. 29%). This statistic highlights an important difference in how the sexes use flex work. While both genders want flexibility, men are much more likely to choose options that don’t cut into their “face time” with fellow employees and clients.

No matter what type of programs you offer, workplace flexibility is a smart business strategy for your business. It:

  • Improves access to talent
  • Reduces stress (due to fewer conflicts between work and home)
  • Enhances team performance
  • Reduces turnover

So make it easy for your employees to take full advantage of the options you offer! As a leading provider of flexible professional staffing and search solutions, Corps Team is ready to support your core team when they need time away from work. Contact your local Corps Team office to learn more.

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