How Mobile Has Changed the Job Search Process for Candidates

iStock_000070763947_SmallJust how has mobile changed the job-search process?

Consider these 2015 statistics

  • Nearly half of job seekers say they use mobile devices specifically to search for jobs at least once a day.
  • 89 percent of candidates believe a mobile device is an important tool for job searching.
  • 59 percent of job seekers say it’s important to be able to save a job they found on a mobile device and then apply to it later from a desktop.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dozens of new job-search apps are out, further gamifying the process. Here are a few that should be on your radar:

Switch. This Tinder-like app allows job seekers to swipe left or right to indicate their interest in a job opening. But instead of scheduling dinner and a movie, job seekers and employers can schedule a phone call and an interview. It’s extremely new, so it’s as-yet unproven, but it takes a novel approach to creating employment connections – which may resonate with younger professionals.

LinkedIn. Already an immensely popular platform for professional networking, LinkedIn has created new functionality that now offers an easy way to post and apply to jobs. The job search app lets candidates filter opportunities by location, industry, distance, company and experience – and then allows them to apply directly using content from their LinkedIn profile.

Glassdoor. This app feature a unique secret weapon others lack – reviews directly from current and former employees. In addition to sizing up your available position, prospective candidates can also size up your corporate culture.

What’s the impact for your business?

If you don’t keep pace with the sweeping changes in candidates’ search behavior, you risk missing out on the best talent. Here are a few things you can do to stay connected with great professionals – and top-of-mind when they’re looking for work:

  • Optimize your website for mobile. Make sure your career portal and job board are easy to use on smart phones and tablets. In addition to creating a better experience for candidates, you’ll also rank higher in Google searches.
  • Pay attention to visual-design elements. Make sure buttons have clear calls-to-action and are featured prominently. Include pictures or graphics to capture job seekers’ attention.
  • Make the initial application process short and seamless. Mobile job seekers have little patience for applications that require long responses (which must be typed with thumbs on mini keyboards). Yours should take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete from their device. Consider adding a “finish later” feature so candidates can pick up where they left off during the mobile application process – either on their mobile device or on a desktop.

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