3 Health Benefits of Working Remotely

iStock_000007008163_SmallWorking in a cubicle or office all day?

That can be bad for your health. Sedentary work in a busy office environment can lead to:

  • Low back pain

  • Eye strain

  • Poor nutrition (donut for lunch, anyone?)

  • Excessive exposure to bacteria, as well as cold and flu viruses

  • High stress levels

When employees have the ability to work from home, however, many of these problems are reduced or completely eliminated. Here are just a few of the health benefits remote workers enjoy:

Improved nutrition. Office birthday parties. Candy and cookie sales. Vending machines filled with chips and chocolate bars. With immediate access to high-calorie, high-fat foods, it’s no surprise that working in an office makes employees fat. Telecommuters, however, have:

  • greater control over food choices

  • access to a full kitchen (in which they can prepare healthier meals)

  • no social pressure to eat out

…all of which make it easier to resist temptation, eat balanced meals and prevent weight gain.

Better physical health. Employees who work from home can avoid a number of physical health problems, too:

  • Less exposure to germs. Research shows that common office surfaces (like doorknobs, copiers, computer equipment and phones) are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, most offices have “heroes” who come to work sick and share their germs. Those who telecommute are typically exposed to fewer germs – and stay healthier.

  • Ability to get up and move around. People who work from home frequently use breaks to clean, do laundry, play with their pets or engage in other physical activities which combat the sedentary nature of their jobs. More frequent movement prevents a host of physical problems associated with office work, including poor circulation, incorrect posture and eye strain.

  • Increased access to natural light. “Cube farms,” interior offices and working under fluorescent lights prevent people from getting sufficient vitamin D (which is needed to fend off seasonal affective disorder). When employees work from home, they have lots of options to work in natural light – and may even be able to work outside.

  • Improved sleep. Telecommuters are often able to shift their start times to work with their circadian rhythms. And with zero commute time, those extra hours can be devoted to sleep.

Decreased job stress. Long commutes, toxic co-workers, continual interruptions and an “always on” work environment are a recipe for one thing: STRESS. Telecommuting allows employees greater control of their work environment. Increasing peace and privacy leads to less stress, heightened ability to focus, and greater total productivity.

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