Is a Contingent Staffing Model Right for You?

iStock_000025409461_SmallLooking for ways to control overhead?

Increase your company’s flexibility?

Access better talent – right when you need it?

Then a contingent staffing model may be right for your business.

Historically, workforce management has been decentralized – with staffing decisions being made ad-hoc and reactively. In recent years, however, a number of factors:

  • The Great Recession
  • The advent of the PPACA
  • The mass exodus of baby boomers from our workforce
  • The increasing rate of change in technology
  • The globalization of our economy
  • Widening skills gaps

…have dramatically changed the way organizations acquire and engage employees. Successful companies now take a much more strategic, proactive approach to workforce management by adopting a contingent staffing model.

What’s a contingent staffing model?

It’s a strategy for:

  • achieving business objectives and optimizing workforce ROI (in areas like cost, efficiency, quality and risk)
  • by engaging contingent workers (i.e., temporary, contract and freelance employees);
  • from a variety of sources, such as staffing companies and managed services providers.

And it offers several important benefits for your business:

Reducing personnel costs. With a strategic approach to staffing, you expand and contract your workforce to match changes in your business. This allows you to convert fixed costs to variable – reducing overtime, benefits costs and administrative expenses.

Managing growth. If your business grows rapidly, hiring needs may become urgent. “Panic hiring,” however, rarely yields the best candidates. Partnering with a staffing agency like Corps Team gives you access to A-level talent – right when you need it – while freeing you to focus on running your business.

Completing projects on time. When you implement a contingent staffing model, your providers already understand your business environment and the types of talent you need. As a result, they’re better able to quickly supply the skilled, qualified people you need to ramp-up for big projects and meet tight deadlines.

Maximizing performance. An effective contingent staffing model allows you to seamlessly flex your workforce in response to your organization’s changing needs:

  • Access specialized experts to train your core employees, speed adoption of new technologies or business practices, or complete special projects.
  • Offload administrative or low-priority tasks, to keep your direct staff focused on achieving their top priorities.
  • Increase flexibility for direct employees, to reduce burnout and help them achieve an optimal work-life mix.

Honestly, the potential benefits for your organization are too numerous to cover in a single post – we’ve only scratched the surface here! So if you’re ready to explore your options, you need sound advice from a staffing expert, or you’re evaluating new suppliers for your existing contingent staffing program, let’s talk.

With national reach and a range of flexible professional staffing and search options, Corps Team can help you take a strategic approach to staffing – and increase your ROI.

Contact your local Corps Team office today to schedule a complimentary workforce analysis.

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