5 Ways Flexible Opportunities Save You Time and Money

iStock_000057571704_SmallTelecommuting. Flexible schedules. Compressed work weeks.

They’re part of the savvy business professional’s vernacular, and with good reason: flex work saves time and money!

The benefits for employers are manifold. Offering more flexible employee schedules improves team performance, decreases turnover and improves access to talent.

But the benefits aren’t just one-sided. In fact, flexible opportunities provide a whole host of advantages for employees, too. Here are five you need to know:

  • Increased productivity. We live and work in an “interruption culture.” In a typical office environment, you’re often forced to deal with drop-in visitors, noisy co-workers and non-stop meetings. But when you work from home? Many of these disruptions disappear. Freed from continual interruptions, you can accomplish high-focus work more efficiently.

  • Substantial cost-savings. Gas. Parking. Public transit fees. On average, workers spend nearly $2,600 annually on their daily commute. When you add in extra expenses like lunches out, it’s estimated that the average virtual worker saves over $7,000 per year.

  • More free time. The average commute time in the U.S. is 45 minutes, which translates to nearly 200 hours per year! What could you do with all of that extra time?

  • A healthier frame of mind. Working virtually allows you to meet your professional commitments while being available for a sick child or aging parent. Eliminating a stressful work commute means that you start your work day in a more positive state of mind. And having the flexibility to balance your personal and work obligations can greatly reduce your overall stress levels.

  • A cleaner conscience (by creating a cleaner environment). Working from home benefits our environment as much as it benefits you. By reducing the amount of waste carryout lunches create (bags, cups, plastic ware, etc.) and reducing carbon emissions, you’re helping out Mother Nature as much as yourself.

Searching for a flexible opportunity?

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