Hiring in a Candidate Market

It’s a good time to be a job seeker.

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According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, job openings have trended upward since July of 2009 – and have now surpassed March 2007’s prerecession peak.

With more professional positions being added to our economy, and fewer qualified candidates to fill them, employers across the country are struggling to hire. Are you feeling the talent squeeze? Here are a few tips for recruiting and hiring in a candidate market – and ways Corps Team can help:

Choose the right salary.

Factors like experience level, geography, candidate supply and economic conditions make setting the “right” salary extremely challenging. But unless your offering is competitive, high performers won’t give your posting a second look. Do your homework to ensure your pay is on the mark:

  • Gather current salary information from sources like the BLS, PayScale.com or even Glassdoor.com.

  • Know what other businesses are paying. Ask non-competing companies in your market to share their salary information, or consult with your local business networking group to gather data.

  • Consider how tight the market is. The more scarce qualified talent is for your available position, the more you’ll need to pay to attract good people.

Corps Team’s recruiters have extensive experience filling a wide range of professional positions for employers across the country. We know what your competitors are paying – and what number it will take for you to attract and hire A-level talent.

Use a targeted approach. In a tight candidate market, “casting a wide net” isn’t always the smartest recruiting method. You may receive tons of applications, but you may also wind up wasting precious time weeding through unqualified candidates. When you’re looking for high-level, specialized talent, skip the giant job boards and post to niche platforms. You’ll spend less time “spinning your wheels” and may identify high potentials faster.

Corps Team knows that each position, and therefore each search, is unique. We combine specialized expertise, the right mix of recruiting tools, and national resources to target the ideal candidates for your available role.

Shorten your time-to-hire.

The lengthier your hiring cycle is, the more time top candidates have to explore other options. Use these suggestions to streamline your process and prevent “candidate poaching” by competitors:

  • Make sure your initial application is mobile-friendly and takes no more than 20 minutes to complete.

  • Consider using panel or group interviews to expedite interviewing.

  • Combine first- and second-round interviews into a single event.

  • Identify and eliminate process bottlenecks that slow hiring decisions.

At Corps Team, professional staffing and placement is all we do. Experts in recruiting – even in a tight talent market – we can dramatically shorten your search by accelerating sourcing, interviewing and candidate vetting.

Need help hiring in a candidate market?

Your local Corps Team recruiters are up to the challenge.

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